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Regarding Career Palace

Regarding Career Palace

1. Luo-Shu (洛书) number from 1 to 9. And in ZWDS chart, Career Palace is No. 9. So Career Palace means the overall luck (in Chinese: 运势);

2. For first decade, Career means the study results from the primary school; At second decade, Career means the study & exam luck at the middle, high school or university. Afterwards we need to focus on work and career.

3. Look at self palace, wealth palace & career palace all in one when reading ZWDS chart.

4. Career good, wealth not that good —– working for someone else, could be at the top management position but his/her boss will make lots of $$$.

5. Career bad, wealth good —— money might not from his/her own career. Might from property, from parents or partnership etc.

6. When someone asking if they could start their own business — look at the decade wealth first.


ZWDS Forum — Q & A 10

Q & A

Question: “when you use internal palace(self, wealth, career, happiness, property, health). I need to use palace interchange or not?

aoefengshui (Tony Lee):  (NO).

Question: Example : if we want to analyst career palace, so career palace is 1 and health career is sibling(number 6). So when decade career palace sent hua ji to friend palace and clash to siblings palace is a bad sign because sibling palace is number 6/career health.

aoefengshui (Tony Lee):  (The theory of Palace 1 & 6 is not related in here).

Question: Or we dont need change like that so when decade career palace sent hua ji to life friend palace clash to sibling palace– not a bad sign or no problem because sibling palace still external.. Which one i need to use?

aoefengshui (Tony Lee):  ( None of them)

If we want to analyst decade career palace, we only need to look at:
1. If any 4-hua & self-hua inside or opposite the decade career palace.
2. If any 4 hua exchanging with life palace and life career/wealth/property palace.

I will not look at if decade career palace sent hua ji to life friend-sibling line, because it is not related.

So when you want to study one decade palace, if this decade palace fly 4 hua to some life palace which is not related to your study, just disregard them. No palaces interchange at this stage.

For example, when someone is under 15, we won’t check out the flying stars from the spouse palace because it not related. Also we won’t look at the marriage life for temple monks because it not exists. —— We always need to make a choice to see which palace is related and which is not.

Question: Do you know how use hetu and loushu?

aoefengshui (Tony Lee):  Follow me ! 
1. In ZWDS one palace always has its multiple meanings. For example, children palace meanings: 1) children’s character; 2) relationship with children; 3) partnership; 4) teacher-student relationship; 5) peach blossom etc.
2. When forecast future, we need to know which area most likely will be impacted by flying stars. (From above example: will it relate to my kids or relate to my peach blossom?)
3. He-Tu is for finding the right space.
4. He-Tu:1-6 (Life-Health), 2-7(Sibling-Travel), 3-8(Spouse-Friend), 4-9(Children-Career), 5-10(Wealth-Property),11(Happiness:1-6-11), 12(Parents:2-7-12)
5. First we need to find out the Lai-Yin Palace(which is the palace sent out life 4 hua) (in Chinese: 来因宫), and its opposite palace
6. Then use He-Tu to find out which palace is related with Lai-Yin Palace, and its opposite palace
7. This 4-palace (Lai-yin; Lai-yin opposite; Palace related with Lai-Yin by He-tu and its opposite) are the spaces we talked about for the area most likely will be impacted by flying stars.
8. We could find these spaces for the whole life time, for any decade or for any year.

ZWDS Forum — Q & A 09

Q & A


“ I have research a few case my friend chart , Example: decade career send hua ji to life career palace. It is bad sign because my friend career not smooth and have problem. My knowledge because when decade xxx palace sent hua ji to life xxx palace( ex : decade career sent hua ji to life career palace) ……”

aoefengshui ( Tony Lee):

Note: “decade career sent hua ji into life career palace” is better than “decade career sent hua ji into life spouse palace clash to life career palace” — at the careers point of view.


Example: decade wealth palace sent hua ji to life wealth and hua lu go to life friend palace its means my money loss and friend gain. It is right?

aoefengshui ( Tony Lee):

No. If life wealth Hua ji into internal palace, and then “decade wealth palace sent hua ji to life wealth”, it means good money making for this decade. Then “hua lu go to life friend palace” means this money is from the associations with my friends.   

“ Why clash to internal palace is bad rather than internal palace receive hua ji? In my book say like this.”

aoefengshui ( Tony Lee):

1. Ji and Lu are in the same group of 4Hua, Lu goes with Ji.
2. Hua Ji means collecting/holding/receiving.
3. Internal Palace is MY Palace.
4. When Hua ji in the internal palace, it means I collected/held/received.
5. When clash to internal palace, means it hurt MY Palace.
6. So – “clash to internal palace is bad rather than internal palace receives hua ji.”


“For what year will active the sign. After we know the sign from decade xxx palace sent hua ji to life xxx palace. Example : decade career sent hua ji to life happiness palace and clash to wealth palace– this is sign from decade — after that if we want to know which year it will happen? When year career go to life wealth palace or go to life happiness palace it will happen? Sometimes i am confused which year it will happen. When year career go to hua ji in/receives/ clash palace or we need to see internal and external palace again for year. How the rule?”

aoefengshui ( Tony Lee):

1. Put this way: “Decade Palace A fly Hua ji into Life Palace B clash Life Palace C, which year will active the sign?”
2. We might have 2, or 4 or even more answers at first. And if you looked at a few people with same BaZi, you would find someone was impacted when Year went to Life Palace B, someone was impacted when year went to Life Palace C etc.
3. So ZWDS is “relativity”, it’s not the absolute theory.
4. Then a few ways we can work it out further — to find the ONE ONLY. For example, when we used 2 or more “Year technical methods”, one method is pointed to Palace A and B, the second method is pointed to Palace B and C, then we might have the answer which is the Palace B.
5. And “Common Sense” always works well for the decision of the Year. For example of cxxx on the forum: When we look her Chart, she has the sign of pregnancy at year of 36, 37, 42 and 43 — because of self hua and the opposite palace. And when we knew that it’s her first pregnancy, we can rule the year of 42 and 43 out with the common sense.
6. Important tips for ZWDS reading: We need to know this person, get the information from him/her as much as we can for accurate reading.  

ZWDS Forum — Q & A 08

Q & A

aoefengshui (Tony Lee):

When start to fly, you only need to look at following situations for the negative signs:
1. If any life XXX palace clash to life palace.
2. If any decade XXX palace clash to life XXX palace. (for example: decade career palace clash to life career palace).
3. If any decade XXX palace clash to life palace.
4. If any year palace clash to life palace.
1. Life or decade spouse palace clash to life property palace. (very easy to divorce).
2. Life or decade spouse palace clash to life wealth palace. (problems after marriage).
3. When Children Palace had bad signs of exchange ( i.e. clash or self-hua Ji) with Travel Palace or Health Palace – which means possible accident.
4. ZWDS Chart had very clear signs for the traffic accident which is Hua Lu and Hua ji from Life Palace and Travel Palace meets at Health-Parents, Travel-Life or Children.      Chart example:
The Flying Lu and Ji from Life and Travel Palace meet at Health-Parents line with Life Health (= first decade health) Self Hua to oppisite,  It means easy for the accident (including serious sickness) at the first decade (5-14). That’s the reason I asked: ” Do you have any traffic accident, or any related dangerous situation during 5-14?” and  his feedback: “Yes, I had a major surgery when I was young.”
5. And when sign of accident, we also need to look at if any bad exchange among Friend/Health/Property – to find if any life threatening.

ZWDS Forum — Q & A 07

Q & A

Question : “How to know good or bad decade? In zwds flying star we need to fly lu quan ke ji to see good or bad sign.”

aoefengshui (Tony Lee) :  Yup.

Question: “in zwds i know 1,5,6,9,10 is internal palace and the other is external palace”

aoefengshui (Tony Lee): Internal palace: 1, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11. (Life, Wealth, Health, Career, Property & Happiness)

Question: “Someone says to me health palace is internal palace and if ji fly to internal palace and hua lu fly to external palace is a bad sign for health.”

aoefengshui (Tony Lee):
1. From ZWDS Life Chart, if Ji is in any internal palace, then this Chart can score at least 60 points out of 100. If Ji & Lu are in internal at the same time, it would be better.
2. From ZWDS Life Chart, if Ji is in the health palace, it means weak health specially during the first decade of the Chart. It also means inflexible character — regardless where the Lu goes. Anyway we can’t say it’s good or bad at this point, it’s only a sign on ZWDS Life Chart, — unless when time passed by.
3. When we look at the Decade health palace, Any self-hua (even self-hua Lu) is not that good because people better not to change their health condition – unless we are talking about the pregnancy. Also when Decade health palace flying a Ji clash to Life health palace or Life palace, it means some health problem during this decade – regardless where is the flying Lu goes. And then we need to find out which year in this decade will be impacted for the health problem. The reason of any flying star from the decade palace is to find out the special good or bad year(s) in this decade.
Question: “if hua ji to external palace and clash to internal palace example health palace decade fly hua ji to wealth palace and clash to happiness palace(health of health). It is bad sign right? But the hua lu fly to real estate palace(health of wealth). How to read this? It is bad sign for health?”

aoefengshui (Tony Lee):
1. As mentioned above, if health palace decade fly hua ji to life parents palace clash to life health palace, also if health palace decade fly hua ji to life travel palace clash to life palace, it’s bad sign of health for this decade.
2. I usually disregard the other situations including your example of “health palace decade fly hua ji to wealth palace and clash to happiness palace(health of wealth)” — unless for very detailed reading. Just keep it simple, otherwise we will get headache by flying everywhere. (Anyway we need to take seriously for one situation: when Decade Spouse clash to life wealth which is “spouse’s spouse”, it means problem after marriage.)

Question: “how to see palace with empty star? Which is the palace just can shine by hua lu or clash by hua ji.. How too see empty palace with no star?”

aoefengshui (Tony Lee): Same flying method would apply for any empty star palace.

Question: If wealth palace send hua ji to health palace(wealth of sibling/external palace). When hua lu fly to internal palace it is good sign. Even hua lu fly to external palace too it is netral. I am right???

aoefengshui (Tony Lee):
1. If life wealth palace sent hua ji to life health palace, disregard where hua lu fly to, it’s a good sign for money making because health palace is the internal palace.
2. If decade wealth palace sent hua ji to life health palace, plus satisfied above No. 1 point, it means the chance to make some good money in this decade. And in here, we will look at where the hua lu goes which means where the money will from– still disregard hua lu fly to internal or external.
3. Decade wealth palace sent hua ji to life health palace, means good money but poor health because of money making for this decade.

Question: If wealth send huaji to real estate(internal palace) but hua lu send to friend palace. It is bad sign right?

aoefengshui (Tony Lee): Not really — as mentioned above.
Question: How to see empty palace again? Example : wealth send hua ji to real estate palace but children palace is empty, hua lu fly to friend palace and shine sibling palace(wealth of real estate) but the sibling palace empty. How to see good or bad if the case like this?

aoefengshui (Tony Lee): Life wealth send hua ji to life real estate means good money making in this life – disregard life children palace is empty or not, and I will not look at where is hua lu goes — unless it’s the decade wealth and I try to find where the money from in this decade.
All above examples is for one flying star only. When 2 or more Lu-Quan-Ke-Ji flying together, or flying star(s) meet the Lu-Quan-Ke-Ji or self-hua at the target palace, then we need to work out the results of impact between those stars.

ZWDS Forum — Q & A 06

Q & A


“……RE : Very interesting points, it gives some trails for reflexion, but what do you think about Zuo Fu by example…”

aoefengshui (Tony Lee):

The normal explanation of Zuo Fu you can find online or in the ZWDS text book. I will not repeat it in here. Here is the story you might be interested regarding “Zuo Fu”, ”You Bi”, ”Wen Chang” & ”Wen Qu”. (We called “Zuo-You-Chang-Qu”)

1. After birth, we can find out our fortune of every 10 years by flying star technology (Lu-Quan-Ke-Ji).

2. Before birth (10 months pregnancy), we also can find out the Genetic our parents gave to us by “Zuo-You-Chang-Qu”.

3. From “book of change” (I-Ching): “Yi has basic composition of Tai Ji, Tai Ji leads to Liang Yi, Liang yi leads to Si Xiang, Si Xiang leads to the Eight Diagrams……”

4. From ZWDS point of view, “Zuo-You-Chang-Qu” is the “Si Xiang” before birth. “Lu-Quan-Ke-Ji” is the “Si Xiang” after birth.

ZWDS Forum — Q & A 05

Q & A


“What is your advise about month and day?”

aoefengshui (Tony Lee):

For month:
1. Find out which palace goes into Yin location (Di Zhi), for example Children Palace into Yin (Di Zhi) at ZWDS chart.
2. Find out Year location.
3. Find out Year Children Palace
4. The Year Children Palace will be the first month (Lunar calendar) of the year.
5. Clockwise to work out the other lunar months.

For day:
1. Find out the related Month location as mentioned above.
2. This Month location will be the first day (Lunar calendar) of the month.
3. Clockwise to work out the other lunar days.

For hour:
According to the Di Zhi location, for example Yin location means Time of Yin.
(when work out the hour, always consider the opposite palace with common sense. i.e. the business meeting, it will be at 1pm-3pm if we found that the lucky time is 1am-3am. Also for lucky dating time, mostly likely will be 7pm -9pm instead of 7am-9am.)