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Life Sihua

The basic meaning of Life Sihua in any palace:
1. Life Si-Hua is “Ti”, it represents the inborn luck which determines the level of our life pattern.
2. Life Si-Hua will affect the whole life of one person and this influence would not be changed in spite of the different decades and years.
3. Life Si-Hua represented the phenomenon only — regardless good/bad, gain/loss etc. The results of good/bad and gain/loss are from decade or year point of view.

Q & A for Children Palace

Q: Can I ask the meaning of children palace life huake + huaji to property palace with life huaji (property palace is storage Ji)? And if huake +self huaji or self huaji to opposite, need to see the flying huaquan goes?


  1. “Hua-Ji to opposite meets with Life Hua-Ji at the opposite” is one of three situations of “Ji Out”. So it’s not a good sign for Peach Blossom.
  2. From Peach Blossom points of view for your chart case: “the palace of Life Hua-Ke and Life Hua-Ji located opposite each other” is the “Ke-Ji” combination for your chart–which means: always worry and easy to dispute. Also procrastinate and the sign of reconnecting after breakup.
  3. Then pay more attention to the Decade Chart which would be impacted most because of Self-Hua or Flying Hua to opposite.
  4. Life Hua-Ke had its own meaning at Life Children Palace which will not be changed when decade moves.
  5. When “Hua-Ke + Self Hua-Ji or Flying Hua-Ji to opposite” matched with your “Ke-Ji” combination which mentioned above, just flying Hua-Lu to see the “cause” because when “Ke-Ji” as the result, “Lu” would be the cause of this result.

Abortion & Miscarriage

For female chart, when Children Palace “Hua Lu +Self Hua Lu”:

1. If same star “Hua-Lu” and “Self Hua-Lu”: sign of abortion after pregnancy. (Abortion: the deliberate termination of a pregnancy)

2. If different stars “Hua-Lu” and “Self Hua-Lu”: sign of miscarriage after pregnancy. (Miscarriage:  the spontaneous abortion, the natural death of an embryo or fetus before it is able to survive independently).

“Hua-Ji + Self Hua-Ji” & “Hua-Lu + Self Hua-Lu” at Life Children Palace

From Peach Blossom point of view: “Hua-Ji+Self Hua-Ji” at Children Palace means —– do have the chance for Peach Blossom but will disappear very soon. Anyway pay more attention to the accident for “Hua-Ji +Self Hua-Ji” at the Children Palace

For “Hua-Lu +Self Hua-Lu” at the Children Palace:”Hua-Lu +Self Hua-Lu = Lu Out”,”Lu Out” will bring out the palace which Life Hua-Ji located. It’s not a good sign –although it’s better than “Hua-Ji+Self Hua-Ji”.

The Limitation of ZWDS

ZWDS is only for the people living in this world and not for analyzing the fate of a country. And also there are something else “above” ZWDS, for example for the victims of Earthquake and Tsunami, we can’t say all of them had the signs of disaster in their zwds charts.

ZWDS for Stock Market

I spent a lot of time on the stock market these days with the I Ching & ZWDS principal and glad to see it’s working very well.  I will try to put everything together for future ZWDS Book and Course at the intermediate/advanced level.

Stock Market

Q & A for “Decade Wealth”

Q: ” If Life Hua-ke at Life Self Palace,  when in the fourth decade (rotation Decade Palace sits in Life Career), Life Hua-ke at Life Self Palace which is now Decade Wealth. Base on that decade point of view, is that enhance (stronger) or nullify (weaker) wealth at that decade?

A: If Life Self Palace (Decade Wealth Palace) only got Life Hua-Ke and no Self-Hua ——- just fly from Decade Wealth and don’t worry about Life Hua-Ke at the Decade Wealth.