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Karma Marriage

1. He-Tu number: 1-10. For zwds chart, the number of the Happiness Palace is 11. 11-10=1, so Happiness Palace = Self Palace. Self Palace is the Palace for this life, and Happiness Palace is the Karma Palace which includes Past, Present and Future Lives.

2. Fly Hua-Lu or Hua-Ke from the Heavenly Stems of Life Happiness Palace to certain Palace, and from the Earth Branch of this certain Palace, we can find the certain Chinese Zodiac. For example: Zi-Rat, Chou-Cow, Yin-Tiger, Mao-Rabbit, Chen-Dragon, Si-Snake, Wu-Horse, Wei-Goat, Shen-Monkey, You-Cock, Xu-Dog and Hai-Pig.

3. If you married already and your spouse satisfied one of the above Chinese Zodiac, your marriage would be the “Karma Marriage”. In other words, you two had the certain relationship in past life but didn’t finish at that time, and you just keep going the relationship in this life.

4. If this is the case, even your Decade Spouse Palace double clashed Life Self Palace or Life Spouse Palace etc, you wouldn’t get divorced – because it’s the Karma Marriage.

5. If you still single, you can pay more attention to the potential partner with certain Chinese Zodiac just mentioned. It would be easy to get together and also the marriage will last longer.

6. We also can find the Karma Marriage from the stars of “Zuo Fu”, ”You Bi”, ”Wen Chang” & ”Wen Qu” – which I will try to address those in future class.

ZWDS Case Study on Oct 6, 2015

17/08/1988 at 10 AM male, commits crime in September study 06102015

From Flying Star ZWDS point of view:

1. For “Life Hua-Ji at the Life Self Palace with Self Hua-Lu”, we need to do the “vibration” for the Life Hua-Lu because of this Self Hua-Lu. Life Hua-Lu is at the Life Siblings Palace which is one of the 6 external palaces ——- it’s a very bad sign from whole life point of view, and also bad for all the decade palaces go into the Life Self Palace.  Hua-Ji means troubles and problems and “Life Hua-Ji + Self Hua-Lu=double Ji” –which is the “double trouble”.

2. Tian-Xing at the Life Self Palace: From my zwds foundation course ebook: “Tian-Xing is related with legal issue. Although Tian-Xing doesn’t have any Si-Hua, the legal issue of Tian-Xing would be activated by Hua-Ji which located at the same palace. It means disputes and legal problems.” — which is the case in here.

3. Decade Career is the important palace for legal problem. Decade (22-31) Career Palace Hua-Lu to opposite to Life Self Palace with Life Hua-Ji at the Life Self Palace — which became “double-Ji” and also activated the legal issue of Tian-Xing. So bad sign for “Career” related issues — which is the legal problem in this case — in this decade (22-31).

4. Decade Career Palace clash Life Career Palace and year 2015 goes into the Life Career Palace, so year 2015 is one of the years for the sign of legal problems.

5. From month point of view: The Aug in Chinese calendar this year was in the middle of Sep of Western calendar. And the Month Self Palace of Aug in Chinese calendar was at the Life Spouse Palace —– the clash position to the Life Career Palace which is the case according to the feedback.