Monthly Archives: April 2017

A few Touching Moments in My Fortune Telling Services

  1. Followed my suggestion, a lady changed her mind and won’t get abortion. She sent me a photo of a healthy and cute boy after 5 years and said “You saved him!”
  2. Through the accurate date/time selection for a new born baby, she won a big award at local art gallery at the age of six —- according to the “Pre-Planned” career path in the Arts before birth.
  3. Successfully stopped a million dollar investment for my client. The result shows that she would lose all the money and lead to bankruptcy if go ahead.
  4. A client said “I don’t have close relationship with my father, and you became my ‘Online Father’ now.”
  5. A depressed patient is prepared to end her life after the treatment failure. I detailed analysis of her chart and clearly pointed out the Month with good fortune. With hope in mind, she found a new ideal job and began a new life in that month.