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A few Flying Star ZWDS principal concepts

1. Flying star ZWDS is about the “Palace, Si-Hua & Stars”— “3 in one”. We go for “Palace & Si-Hua” first and then add Stars.

2. Any Si-Hua at any Life Palace means something – even without reading the Stars.

3. Without Si-Hua, we can only read the meaning of the stars at the “Life Self Palace” & “Life Spouse Palace” (Note: in some cases we also read the meaning of the stars at Life Health for disease & Life Career for career choice, but not the stars in other palaces.)

4. The function of the stars is the “indicate”, “point”, “bring” or “related”. For example, “Decade Spouse Palace (Jia) –Tai-Yang Hua-Ji into Life Career and clash to Life Spouse” — in here, Tai-Yang brought the Decade Spouse into Life Career then related to the opposite Life Spouse.

5. When we want to read the decade fortune, i.e. Decade Spouse, we just flying from Decade Spouse to see where the Lu-Quan-Ke-Ji goes and don’t worry about which star at the Decade Spouse. If Decade Spouse “Self-Hua” – or said “Zi-Hua”, it means the sign of changing marital status in this decade which is from single to marriage, or from marriage back to single.

6. When we read the ZWDS chart, all “Flying stars” are to Life Palace (doesn’t matter flying from life palace, decade palace or yearly palace) —– not fly to any Decade Palace.

Can we make money in the stock & foreign exchange market with flying star zwds techniques?


This is my work station for the stock & foreign exchange market. The investment return is good and the flying star zwds techniques played a big part in my decision making processing. Anyway we also need the skills of Market Research, Chart Analysis and Money Management etc.

I will share these flying star techniques at the advanced zwds course in the future.

A quick way to avoid your marriage problems

A quick way to avoid your marriage problems 01

Following is what I did for a couple yesterday.

  1. From their zwds chart and for next 12 months, gave each month a score for the marriage luck with the flying star technique.
  2. Found those months with bad marriage luck for both of them.
  3. Worked on the possible reasons for these problems and gave the advice accordingly.

Decade Wealth & Decade Career

Decade Wealth & Decade Career

What will be happened when Decade Wealth is in the good position but Decade Career is bad? Or Decade Career is in the good position but Decade Wealth is bad?

  1. Decade Wealth is good, Decade Career is bad: We can’t make good money from the work place, but the good money might from our other investments, i.e. stock market etc.
  2. Decade Career is good, Decade Wealth is bad: We might have a good position at work, i.e. General Manager etc, but the good money we made is for the boss of the company, not for us.

Cause & Consequence

Cause & Consequence

“Where there is a cause, there will be a consequence”. At the advanced level of flying zwds: Hua-Ji is the consequence, Hua-Lu is the cause, Hua-Quan is the intermedium for the timing and Hua-Ke is the Karma to influence the zwds chart of your next life. So when we look at the Decade Wealth Palace, we can easily find out if you could make good money in this decade, where the money from and when you would make this money. Also if your zwds chart shows that you would get hurt as the result (Hua-Ji), we can find the cause (Hua-Lu) and the intermedium (Hua-Quan). Then try to remove the cause & intermedium to avoid the bad result. From the Buddhist point of view: “Form is void and void is form.(In Chinese: 色即是空,空即是色)”, “Ask not about the harvest, ask about the ploughing.(In Chinese: 只问耕耘,不问收获)” and “the greatest effort is not concerned with results.(In Chinese: 菩萨畏因,众生畏果)”. From the Taoist perspective: “Do nothing & Do everything(In Chinese: 无为而无不为)”— which means just focus on the cause and the intermedium, and then the results would always be there.

Deal with the accidents and health problems

Deal with the accidents and health problems

Accidents and health forecasting is one of the important skills for a professional fortuneteller.

For example from ZWDS chart:

  1. When the combinations of Heavenly Stems is Jia-Geng(甲-庚), Bing-Geng(丙-庚)or Ding-Xin(丁-辛)for “Life Self Palace – Life Travel Palace” (and/or “Decade Palace- Decade Travel Palace”), then easy to have the traffic accident because the flying Hua-Lu & Hua-Ji from those Heavenly Stems impacted together at the line of the “Health-Parent palace” or the “Self –Travel” palace. In this case, we need to work out the timing and make sure no traveling to other country and other city, no drink driving and no speeding at these particular months.
  2. When the bad Si-Hua exchange (means Hua-Ji Clash, Self Hua-Ji, Self Hua-Ji to the opposite palace and “Lu+Ji=Double Ji” etc) of Decade Friends Palace, Health Palace and Property Palace, then easy to have the life threatening diseases in those impacting years. The best way to deal with this situation is to plan ahead which includes medical treatment, exercises and time table adjustment 2-3 years before.
  3. For the impact of “Tai-Ying Hua-Ji” to the Health, I would suggest someone to do the blood donation beforehand — because “Tai-Ying Hua-Ji” is related to blood.
  4. For the sign of body harm, I would suggest the acupuncture beforehand. That’s the way to balance the zwds chart.