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The First/Last Year of a Decade

1. For zwds, we called the first year of the decade as the “entering year” and the last year of the decade as the “exiting year”.

2. Regardless the year/month luck in here, if your decade palace was impacted by any kind of Si-Hua, for example, Decade Self Shines the Life Self or Decade Self clashed the Life Self etc, then the first/last year will be the most impacted year in general. In other words, if Si-Hua impact is good, then the first and last year would be better; if Si-Hua impact is bad, then the first and last year would be worse.

3. In the last year of the decade:

1) If my general luck of this decade is worse than next decade because of the Si-Hua impact, then I will have a big celebration at the end of this year (in Chinese calendar) — to make a clear change from my mind and make myself ready to the new decade.

2) If my general luck of this decade is better than next decade, then I will try to extend my good luck as long as possible, make less change in mind and in reality.

4. We also can get into the Year/month level to find the good/bad, lucky/unlucky …etc, for any year and any month.  

aoefengshui ZWDS Advanced Course

advanced course

ZWDS Foundation Course (Express)

There are 2 options for aoefengshui ZWDS Foundation Course—Full course and Express course. Full Foundation Course costs USD $1380 and Express Foundation Course costs USD $115.

Full aoefengshui Foundation Course is a 37 days “one-on-one” foundation course.

Express aoefengshui Foundation Course is the Full Foundation Course without the 37 days one-on-one teaching and other goodies. Anyway you will be able to gain access to all course materials (ebook + notes + FAQs) and you also can ask 5 questions (within 30 days) related to the foundation course materials.