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aoefengshui ZWDS Foundation Online Course with ebook Coming Soon

After hard working of last 12 months, I almost finished my first ebook for ZWDS Foundation. And plan to lunch it with ZWDS Foundation Online Course on June 1, 2015.

More details will be posted in here in May.

The meaning of “Lu + Ke”

The meaning of “Lu + Ke”

Lu means wealth/profit, Ke means qualification & reputation. “Lu+Ke”= get the qualification first, then make the $$$ afterwards. For example: the occupation of teacher, accountant, engineer and doctor etc. —– this is from wealth and career points of view.

For peach blossom: because Lu & Ke are not in the same group of Si-Hua, so it means many. And also the “class” of the peach blossom is high, it’s enjoyable.


Here is a Quiz:

1. Life Parents Palace Self Hua-Lu, Decade Sibling Palace goes into Life Parents Palace.

2. Hua-lu means making good $$$ in here.

3. The Quiz: who made good $$$ in this decade and why?

Please think about it for a few mins before go to see the answer below.










The Answer:

1. As mentioned before that we need to focus on the Decade when deal with Self-Hua, because Self-Hua is “Yong” (用) – the changes after birth.

2. In this case when Life Parents Self Hua and Decade Sibling goes into it, “Parent” is the adjective of “Brother” (anyway it might be the “sister”, in here we just use the name of “brother”).

3. So the answer for this Quiz is:
(1) Parents’ brother —— made the most $$$. In other words, my uncles/aunts made the most.
(2) And there are also some good signs for money making for Brother and then the Parents at the same time.

The meaning of Children Palace

The meaning of Children Palace

1) The fate and relationship with our children, and also the personality and talents of our children.

2) The palace of business cooperation which shows the cooperation luck in general. It shows if we could make money from cooperation. And Children Palace is also related with students, it indicates if we could make the money from teaching.

3) The Palace of Peach Blossom: includes the type and the luck of Peach Blossom.

4) It shows the ability and performance of sex life.

5) We also treat the Children Palace as the Accident Palace when negative Si-Hua exchanging between Children Palace and Health Palace or Travel Palace.

Q & A for “Peach Blossom” (3)

Q: What’s the difference of Lu/Quan/Ke/Ji for the signs of Peach Blossom?

Hua-Lu: Enjoyable.

Hua-Quan: Pushed with force, argument, not consensual.

Hua-Ke: High classical, pay more attention to mood and atmosphere.

Hua-Ji: Not enjoyable, suffer from bad results.

Q & A for “Peach Blossom” (2)

Q: what’s the difference between “Children Palace Self Hua-Lu” & “Children Palace Hua-Lu to opposite” from “Peach Blossom” point of view?

1. From “Peach Blossom” point of view, “Children Palace Self Hua-Lu” means:
(1) I have Peach Blossom Luck.
(2) Peach Blossom luck “on and off” (changed) — but always enjoyable.
(3) Pay more attention to the Peach Blossom “timing” according to the Decade/Year chart.

2. “Children Palace Hua-Lu to opposite” had the similar meaning of  “Children Palace Self Hua-Lu”, but with more “frequency” of “on and off”.

Q & A for “Peach Blossom” (1)

Q: What’s the difference among the following 3 signs from “Peach Blossom” point of view?

  1. Hua-Lu at Children Palace
  2. Self Palace flying Hua-Lu to Children Palace
  3. Children Palace flying Hua-Lu to Self Palace

A: Above 3 signs all mean “Peach Blossom” Luck.

  1. Hua-Lu at Children Palace: I was born lucky at “Peach Blossom”, I can’t help it.
  2. Self Palace flying Hua-Lu to Children Palace: I expressed enthusiasm and took the initiative in “Peach Blossom”.
  3. Children Palace flying Hua-Lu to Self Palace: Otherstook the initiative in “Peach Blossom”.I was a passive person.