A few tips on how to read the family members and friends from zwds chart

1.  Sibling Palace is for brothers/sisters, Sibling Palace is not related with mother.

2.  Parents Palace is for parents, including father & mother.

3.  Stars can be divided into Yin(阴)and Yang (阳). For parents, Yin Stars (阴星) are related with mother and Yang Stars (阳星) for father.

4.  If you have some good or bad signs for Life/Decade Sibling Palace and you have more than one brother/sister, then need to find out which brother/sister is related with these good or bad signs.

5.  The answer: just go to check the Chinese Zodiac signs (生肖) and Yin/Yang of the stars at the same time. The same method for Friends Palace as you always have more than one friend related in certain situations.

6.  At the advanced zwds level, we also can find the possible Chinese Zodiacs for future spouse. How to find the Chinese Zodiacs of related people from zwds chart is a big topic.

7. One example in here regarding the Parents Palace.

Read a chart today: Life Parents Palace “Yang Star Quan Out” which is not a good sign for father. My client was shocked when I said to her “you didn’t have the good relationship or just didn’t have the ‘Fate’ with your father”. The fact: her parents divorced and she lost the contact with her father when she was very young.

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