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aoefengshui New ZWDS Chart Reading Price —— effective Jan 1, 2020

Please be advised that aoefengshui will increase prices on following Services, effective Jan 1, 2020:

Service No.1: (USD $100 —– New Price: USD $128) (RMB 888) (AUD $188)
Birth time settle: If you don’t know your birth time, aoefengshui needs your characters and some background information to work it out. You will get $50 discount if you go ahead for paid service 2, 3, or 4 afterwards.

Service No.2: (USD $130 —– New Price: USD $158) (RMB 1088) (AUD $228)
Focusing on ONE of the following Categories into your future.

Service No.3: (USD $190 —- New Price: USD $218) (RMB 1588) (AUD $318)
Focusing on TWO of the following Categories into your future.

Service No.4: (USD $230 —- New Price: USD $258) (RMB 1888)(AUD $368)
Focusing on 1-6 of the following Categories into your future.

Category 1: Relationship/Peach Blossom/Marriage/Spouse/Divorce.
Category 2: Wealth/Business/Investment/Legal Problem.
Category 3: Career Plan/Career Move/Job Promotion/Study.
Category 4: Health/Pregnancy/Children/Accident/Disaster.
Category 5: The Luck of next 10 years: (aoefengshui will work out your luck for next 10 years in general and point out the happening years for the important events).
Category 6: Your own Category which didn’t mention above.
Category 7: The Luck of next 12 months: (aoefengshui will work out your luck for next 12 months in general and point out the happening months for the important events).

As always, aoefengshui are committed to providing superior services to you and also very much appreciate your continued support.


ZWDS Journey


The new “aoefengshui ZWDS Advanced Course (Express)” launched



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ZWDS Case Study: Death by Drowning

A death by drowning on 1997 April 03.

DOB : Nov XX 1994 00:30 Female


From my blog:

2.   When the bad Si-Hua exchange (means Hua-Ji Clash, Self Hua-Ji, Self Hua-Ji to the opposite palace and “Lu+Ji=Double Ji” etc) of Decade Friends Palace, Health Palace and Property Palace, then easy to have the life threatening diseases in those impacting years…”

As her first decade didn’t start in 1997, we look at the bad Si-Hua exchange among Year Friends, Year Health and Year Property —– instead of the Decade level.

Year 1997 Property-Palace overlapped with Life Friends-Palace with Ji to Opposite, also flying Hua-Quan into Life Health-Palace (Year 1997 Friends-Palace) with Self Ke-ji over there —— it’s one of the bad exchanges as we mentioned above, and Year 1997 would be one of the impacted years.

Also when “Ke-Ji” was the bad result for the health, Flying-Lu would be the cause — from my advanced course. As Flying Tai-Yang Hua-Lu from the palace of Self Ke-Ji, “Tai-Yang” would be the cause.

As Tai-Yang pointed to “Heart, brain, eye and respiratory system” and Tian-Tong/Tai-Yin (Self Ke-Ji) related with “water” ……. Rest in peace!

aoefengshui Recent Research Findings: “Quantum Mechanics,Law of Attraction and Fortunetelling”


Q & A for a Cancer Case


Hi aoefengshui

This chart is Retinoblastoma ( a cancer that starts in the retina ). The retina is the inner layer of cells in the back of the eye.

DoB : 2018 July 09 22:30 female gmt +7.



Thank you for the case study.

When one Palace with Self Hua-Lu (we called it Palace A), and the Flying-Ji from Palace A into another Palace (we called it Palace B, C, D, E, F or G —– according to the destination of Flying-Ji as shown in picture 1 below), we can read the different meanings as shown in picture 2.

Picture 1


Picture 2


In this case, Life Health-Palace with Lian-Zhen Self Hua-Lu, and Flying (Tai-Yang) Hua-Ji into Life Self-Palace —the Palace F which means “broken and ruined”. And Lian-Zhen means cancer or the other “intractable disease” from health point of view and Tai-Yang means “heart, brain or eye disease” (from “aoefengshui ZWDS Foundation Course”). That’s the reason for Retinoblastoma from my personal point of view.



Working Together to Prevent Suicide —Case Study