Suicide & Life Expectancy from ZWDS Chart

Suicide & Life Expectancy from ZWDS Chart

1. Happiness Palace represented the life philosophy in zwds chart which including positive/negative and optimism/ pessimistic. For suicide, Decade Happiness Palace will have the bad signs, i.e. Decade Happiness Clash to Life Happiness or Life Self Palace, or Decade Happiness “Lu Out”,”Quan Out”, “Ke Out” or “Ji Out” etc.

2. Then we look at the Life Expectancy if we want to know the result of suicide.

3. How to read the Life Expectancy from zwds chart:

1) From “Luoshu(洛书Luò shū)” in 9:head is 9, feet is 1; left is 3, right is 7; 2 and 4 are the shoulders; 6 and 8 the legs. “6 and 8” in here is talk about Health. In zwds chart, 6 is the Health Palace and 8 is the Friends Palace. So the Friends Palace is an important palace for Life Expectancy.

2) For Life Expectancy, we look at the Decade Health first, and then move to the Decade Friends.

3) For bad signs of Decade Health Palace:

(1) Decade Health Hua Ji into or clash to Life Health or Life Self Palace;

(2) Decade Health Self Hua Ji or Hua Ji to the opposite palace etc.

4) The bad signs of Decade Friends Palace:

(1) Bad Flying Si Hua exchange among Friends-Health-Property Palace;

(2) Decade Friends Lu Out and Ke Out;

(3) Decade Friends and Life Friends exchange Hua Lu & Hua Ji at the same palace.

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4 thoughts on “Suicide & Life Expectancy from ZWDS Chart

  1. PSC January 7, 2017 at 9:53 pm Reply

    Hi Tony,

    Life expectancy here means death correct? So if there is bad signs in Decade Health and Decade Friends at the same time then there is high risk of death in that decade? What are the percentage that the sign will be reality? Have you seen anyone with death signs in their zwds that didn’t die?

    A few of my friends satisfy the criteria in their next decade or the one after so I am a little concern.



  2. January 7, 2017 at 11:17 pm Reply

    Q: “Life expectancy here means death correct?”

    A: Yes.

    Q: “if there is bad signs in Decade Health and Decade Friends at the same time then there is high risk of death in that decade?”

    A: Not really. Pay more attention to “Bad Health and bad Flying-Ji exchange among Friends-Health-Property Palace”


  3. PSC January 8, 2017 at 8:13 pm Reply

    Would an example of bad Flying Hua Ji exchange be;

    Decade Health (Life Property) Hua Ji to the opposite

    Decade Property Hua Ji to Life Parents (Decade Friend) with self Hua Ji/Quan/Ke and Life Ji clash to Life Health. Self Hua in Life Parents so Decade Friends is also affected in a bad way.

    Decade Health clashes Life Health

    Decade Friends Ji Out

    If it is what are the normal percentage of death for someone with Bad Decade Health, Bad Decade friends and have bad Si Hua exchange between Friends-Health-Property Palace.


  4. […] It’s the sign of “bad Hua-Ji exchanges of Friends-Health-Property” which related to his life span, and “Quan-Ji clashes” means “suddenly happening” and “forced” … etc. (Please see my following blog and comments for further detail) […]


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