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Case Study for “Double Life Si-Hua with Double Self-Hua”. 

From my Advanced Course materials:
“…… The meaning of ‘Double Life Si-Hua with Double Self-Hua’ is ‘injury’, ‘hurt’ or ‘sick’ etc. For example ‘Life Ke-Ji with Self Ke-Ji’ — The problems from human factors including the Health …… “

Case 1: Male, Jan 13, 1992, 18:00. Lung Surgery in Year 2015.

  1. “Year 2015 Self-Palace” went into the opposite palace of “Double Life Ke-Ji with Double Self Ke-Ji”, and 2015 became the year of health problem.
  2. Both Wen-Chang (the Hua-Ji star) and Tai-Yang (the Self-Hua star of Year 2015 Health-Palace) related with the respiratory system — from health point of view.

Case 2: Male, Nov 05, 1966, 04:00, Urinary System Surgery in year 2016.

  1. Year 2016 Self-Palace went into the palace with “Double Life Ke-Ji with Double Self Ke-Ji”.
  2. Decade 46-55 Health-Palace “Tai-Yin Hua-Ji to Opposite” and Tai-Yin related with Kidney, Bladder, Reproductive system and Stomach etc.
  3. “Tai-Yin Ji to Opposite” vibrated with Life-Ji, and Year 2016 Self-Palace went into the Palace with Life-Ji, Year 2016 became the year of surgery in this case.