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We are being informed that there are some websites selling bogus aoefengshui courses. Our legal advisors have been consulted and they already started the due procedures for dealing with all these illegal activities. Please remember that aoefengshui ZWDS courses and services are only available via aoefengshui’s website, this blog and

The rumor about a cheaper version of aoefengshui ADVANCED ZWDS course is simply not true. There is no plan for the EXPRESS version of the ADVANCED ZWDS course for now and in the future. The reason is simple because the ADVANCED Course is 20 weeks long and it’s impossible to learn by just reading the text. You need the personal guidance and the ADVANCED course is one-on-one private course between you and Master Tony.


The Secrets Behind the Flying Star ZWDS


  1. Flying Star ZWDS is a very big subject and Fortune-telling is only one part of the entire system.
  2. Flying Star ZWDS is related to following areas:



          Traditional Chinese Medicine;

          I Ching;

          Buddhism … etc.



1) ZWDS is about Fortune-telling, but where are these good/bad, gain/loss, have/don’t have, more/less …… came from? —— From Karma & Retribution from Buddhist point of view.

2) Our life is “Fate+Fortune”. “Fate” is from Prenatal which related to past life —- Zuo-You-Chang-Qu. “Fortune” is for Fetus after Birth which related to this life —- Lu-Quan-Ke-Ji.

3) Gene is the carrier of human life. Because the difference of Gene, people will have different Destiny even with same Ba-zi.

4) “Lu-Quan-Ke-Ji” is not within the level of Gene, “Zuo-You-Chang-Qu” does. ZWDS is very accurate if we could use “Lu-Quan-Ke-Ji” &“Zuo-You-Chang-Qu” in a correct way.



1) He-Tu number from “1” to “10”. “1” is Life Self and “10” is the Property at ZWDS chart.


2) If we set Property as Tai-Ji, then the Si-Zheng position represented the directions of front, back, left and right.


3) The main stars for ZWDS Feng-Shui:

Lian-Zhen: the House star

Tan-Lang: the Generating star

Wu-Qu: the Emit star

Ju-Men: the Ground star

Po-Jun: the Water star



Traditional Chinese Medicine:





I Ching:

From I Ching:“In the system of the Yi, there is the Grand Terminus (Tai-Ji), which produced the two elementary Forms (Yin-Yang). Those two Forms produced the Four emblematic Symbols (Si-Xiang), which again produced the eight Trigrams (Ba-Gua).”

I Ching: Tai-Ji

ZWDS: ZWDS Chart is also a Tai-Ji


I Ching: Yin-Yang give rise to each other as interrelate to one another.

ZWDS: Self-Hua means Change — from nothing to something or from something to nothing.


I Ching: Si-Xiang

ZWDS: Si-Hua


I Ching Ba-Gua at ZWDS Chart

images zwbaigua


I Ching: Gua-Qi Theory(卦气论)– “Six Place of Hexagram”(周流六虚)


ZWDS:6-Internal & 6-External, 6-Yin & 6-Yang








Once you get inside the door of Fortune-telling, you might be interested to learn the entire world of Flying Star ZWDS.

Enjoy the Journey!