Q & A for “Peach Blossom” (2)

Q: what’s the difference between “Children Palace Self Hua-Lu” & “Children Palace Hua-Lu to opposite” from “Peach Blossom” point of view?

1. From “Peach Blossom” point of view, “Children Palace Self Hua-Lu” means:
(1) I have Peach Blossom Luck.
(2) Peach Blossom luck “on and off” (changed) — but always enjoyable.
(3) Pay more attention to the Peach Blossom “timing” according to the Decade/Year chart.

2. “Children Palace Hua-Lu to opposite” had the similar meaning of  “Children Palace Self Hua-Lu”, but with more “frequency” of “on and off”.

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