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“……RE : Very interesting points, it gives some trails for reflexion, but what do you think about Zuo Fu by example…”

aoefengshui (Tony Lee):

The normal explanation of Zuo Fu you can find online or in the ZWDS text book. I will not repeat it in here. Here is the story you might be interested regarding “Zuo Fu”, ”You Bi”, ”Wen Chang” & ”Wen Qu”. (We called “Zuo-You-Chang-Qu”)

1. After birth, we can find out our fortune of every 10 years by flying star technology (Lu-Quan-Ke-Ji).

2. Before birth (10 months pregnancy), we also can find out the Genetic our parents gave to us by “Zuo-You-Chang-Qu”.

3. From “book of change” (I-Ching): “Yi has basic composition of Tai Ji, Tai Ji leads to Liang Yi, Liang yi leads to Si Xiang, Si Xiang leads to the Eight Diagrams……”

4. From ZWDS point of view, “Zuo-You-Chang-Qu” is the “Si Xiang” before birth. “Lu-Quan-Ke-Ji” is the “Si Xiang” after birth.

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