ZWDS Forum — Q & A 05

Q & A


“What is your advise about month and day?”

aoefengshui (Tony Lee):

For month:
1. Find out which palace goes into Yin location (Di Zhi), for example Children Palace into Yin (Di Zhi) at ZWDS chart.
2. Find out Year location.
3. Find out Year Children Palace
4. The Year Children Palace will be the first month (Lunar calendar) of the year.
5. Clockwise to work out the other lunar months.

For day:
1. Find out the related Month location as mentioned above.
2. This Month location will be the first day (Lunar calendar) of the month.
3. Clockwise to work out the other lunar days.

For hour:
According to the Di Zhi location, for example Yin location means Time of Yin.
(when work out the hour, always consider the opposite palace with common sense. i.e. the business meeting, it will be at 1pm-3pm if we found that the lucky time is 1am-3am. Also for lucky dating time, mostly likely will be 7pm -9pm instead of 7am-9am.)

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