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Question: “when you use internal palace(self, wealth, career, happiness, property, health). I need to use palace interchange or not?

aoefengshui (Tony Lee):  (NO).

Question: Example : if we want to analyst career palace, so career palace is 1 and health career is sibling(number 6). So when decade career palace sent hua ji to friend palace and clash to siblings palace is a bad sign because sibling palace is number 6/career health.

aoefengshui (Tony Lee):  (The theory of Palace 1 & 6 is not related in here).

Question: Or we dont need change like that so when decade career palace sent hua ji to life friend palace clash to sibling palace– not a bad sign or no problem because sibling palace still external.. Which one i need to use?

aoefengshui (Tony Lee):  ( None of them)

If we want to analyst decade career palace, we only need to look at:
1. If any 4-hua & self-hua inside or opposite the decade career palace.
2. If any 4 hua exchanging with life palace and life career/wealth/property palace.

I will not look at if decade career palace sent hua ji to life friend-sibling line, because it is not related.

So when you want to study one decade palace, if this decade palace fly 4 hua to some life palace which is not related to your study, just disregard them. No palaces interchange at this stage.

For example, when someone is under 15, we won’t check out the flying stars from the spouse palace because it not related. Also we won’t look at the marriage life for temple monks because it not exists. —— We always need to make a choice to see which palace is related and which is not.

Question: Do you know how use hetu and loushu?

aoefengshui (Tony Lee):  Follow me ! 
1. In ZWDS one palace always has its multiple meanings. For example, children palace meanings: 1) children’s character; 2) relationship with children; 3) partnership; 4) teacher-student relationship; 5) peach blossom etc.
2. When forecast future, we need to know which area most likely will be impacted by flying stars. (From above example: will it relate to my kids or relate to my peach blossom?)
3. He-Tu is for finding the right space.
4. He-Tu:1-6 (Life-Health), 2-7(Sibling-Travel), 3-8(Spouse-Friend), 4-9(Children-Career), 5-10(Wealth-Property),11(Happiness:1-6-11), 12(Parents:2-7-12)
5. First we need to find out the Lai-Yin Palace(which is the palace sent out life 4 hua) (in Chinese: 来因宫), and its opposite palace
6. Then use He-Tu to find out which palace is related with Lai-Yin Palace, and its opposite palace
7. This 4-palace (Lai-yin; Lai-yin opposite; Palace related with Lai-Yin by He-tu and its opposite) are the spaces we talked about for the area most likely will be impacted by flying stars.
8. We could find these spaces for the whole life time, for any decade or for any year.

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