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aoefengshui (Tony Lee):

Hello again,let me try to explain why she has the sign of pregnancy for year 2014 & 2015 (lunar calendar).

1. For sign of pregnancy, we need to look at wife’s chart, not the husband’s.

2. The most important palace for pregnancy is the Health Palace of 10 years.

3. We need to look at if any sign of “Change” or “Movement” of this Health Palace of 10 years.

4. In flying star ZWDS, “Self-Hua” or “Self-Hua to the opposite Palace” means there will be some changes at this Palace of 10 years.

5. “Self-Hua (Lu & Ke) or “Self-Hua (Lu & Ke) to the opposite Palace” always mean good/positive sign. “(Quan)” is not that good, and “Ji” belongs to bad/difficult/ Negative etc.

6. The meaning of “Self-Hua” and “Self-Hua to the opposite Palace” will make a long story. Now just remember that “Self-Hua” and “Self-Hua to the opposite Palace” means “Change”.

7. “Wife” + “Health of 10 years” + “Suitable Age (say in their 20’s or 30’s)”+“Change” = Pregnancy. (Not 100%, but always like this).

8. Ok, she will get pregnant during “36-45”.

9. Now we will go to find which year.

10. In ZWDS, if something happened in one palace, then it will also impact the opposite palace.

11. First: Chou Palace Self-Hua will impact the opposite palace (Wei Palace). Year 2015 will go to Wei Palace. So she has the sign of pregnant in Year 2015.

12. Second: When “Self-Hua”, we need to look at the same original Si-Hua.(In Chinese:自化需要法象生年四化). In other words, when “Self-Hua Lu”, we need to find where is Hua Lu. Because the Hua Lu palace will have “vibration” at the same time when “Self-Hua Lu” changing. In her case, we need to look at Zi Palace which is Hua Lu located. And again Zi Palace will impact the opposite Palace which is Wu Palace. So she also has the sign of pregnancy this year (Year 2014).

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2 thoughts on “ZWDS Forum — Q & A 02

  1. titi February 13, 2018 at 3:55 pm Reply

    Dear Sir , i don’t know my exact birth day however could you pls assist me to get to know whether i will have children in my life ?
    Married 27.12.2013
    DOB i am not sure because birth certificate and my mother said differently
    Mom said 25.12.1974 at 11 am
    Certificate 26.12.1973 ( no birth hour )
    The big events in my life :
    1. Started own business age 25
    2. Grandmother passed away 1999, father passed away 20003
    3. Mother passed away 2010
    4. I lost all my business ( bankcrupt ) 2004
    5. Now totally become housewife where its really made me underpressure and felt my life is very terrible

    Thank you very much in advance


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