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Lai Yin Palace

Lai Yin Palace (来因宫) is an important concept for flying star zwds. It’s the launch palace for Life Si-Hua.

For example, when you look at one zwds chart and the Life Si-Hua is “Lian-Zhen Hua Lu, Po-Jun Hua Quan, Wu-Qu Hua Ke and Tai-Yang Hua Ji”, then the location of the heavenly stem “Jia” (天干“甲”)will be the “Lai Yin” palace.

Sometimes you will find two “Lai Yin” Palaces in one chart. In this case, pay more attention to the earthly branch of “Yin”(地支宫位“寅”).

Li Na’s Pregnancy (Case Study)

I predicted that the Tennis star Li Na would get pregnant in year 2015 — at my Chinese Micro blog (http://www.weibo.com/91suanming) on 19/09/2014.

Today’s News: “Pioneering Chinese tennis star Li Na announced she was pregnant in front of 15,000 cheering fans at the Australian Open on Monday.”

Case Study: Li Na’s Pregnancy

  1. It’s easy to get the birthday of Li Na online, but to find the right birth time was hard. Need to go through 12 different time zones with her characters and life experience in mind. Anyway the fact that she lost her father when she was 14 helped a lot. “Zuo-Fu Life Hua-Ke + Fly Hua-Ke to opposite = Ke Out” at the First Decade Parents (which is the same of Life Parents). Any “Out” at the Decade Parents Palace is a bad sign for parents and “Zuo-Fu” is a male star which means father.
  2. The Pregnancy reading was easy. Decade Health Flying Hua Ji to opposite means pregnancy in this decade, and the vibration of Life Hua Ji is the year of pregnancy.
  3. “Ji” always means “not smooth”, so Li Na should take good care of herself during the pregnancy.

The Levels of ZWDS Chart Reading

The analysis of Life Self Palace and single Life Si Hua in any Life Palace is only the first level of chart reading. It’s impossible to tell many stories from it.

The second level of reading is the Si Hua combination.

The third level is “flying star” including all kinds of Si-Hua impact after flying.

The last level of chart reading is back to the Life Chart for balance, plus the chart balance for our individual client.

How to read legal problem?

Q: How do we read legal problem?
A: Pay more attention to Hua Ji, to Career Palace and to Tian-Xing, Wen-Chang, Wen-Qu & Lian-Zhen etc.

Hua-Ji in Life Career Palace

The negative side of Hua-Ji in Career: career changed all the time, doesn’t feel smooth at work, easy to get into trouble at work and not many “Gui-Ren” (贵人) for help. And the work performance is also not that good.

What happen if the luck of ‘peach blossoms’ is influenced by Hua ji?

Q: “What happen if the luck of ‘peach blossoms’ is influenced by Hua ji?

A: In general, bad sign of peach blossoms mean quick and/or bad ending after the beginning of peach blossoms. The relationship just doesn’t work very well and you would get hurt easily — doesn’t matter how hard you try.

More about Hua Ji

1. Life Hua Ji at any palace – doesn’t matter its Internal or External —- will NOT clash to the opposite – in “whole life” point of view at the zwds chart. Clash only happened when we look at the fortune of decade/year/month… etc.

2. When look at the decade fortune, clash is always being the clash doesn’t matter Internal or External. BUT —- an important issue — we need to know how to disregard the clash which is not related our chart reading. Otherwise it will make us headache because “flying and clashing” everywhere. There are about 10 principles for “how to pick” and “what to disregard” of the clash and I try to put everything together these days.

3. Hua Ji is the winter for season and north for direction. Hua Ji will always be here doesn’t matter you like it or not. So just take it easy and work on it.

When & where to use Yang/Yin Palaces & Internal/External Palaces?

6 Yang Palaces: Self, Spouse, Wealth, Travel, Career, Happiness.
6 Yin Palaces: Sibling, Children, Health, Friends, Property, Parents.
6 Internal Palaces: Self, Wealth, Health, Career, Property, Happiness.
6 External Palaces: Sibling, Spouse, Children, Travel, Friends, Parents.

Following is the outline for this question at the advanced level.

For wealth:
1. Internal/External first: Internal means gain, External means loss.
2. Yin/Yang second: Yin means many, Yang means less (Self Palace except).

For career:
1. Yin/Yang first: Yin means move/change, Yang means no move/no change.
2. Internal/External second: Internal means the result of move/change is good. External means the result of move/change is bad (so better not to make this move/change).

For people:
1. Yin/Yang first: Yin means have/exist, Yang means not exist.
2. Internal/External second: Internal means together, External means break up.
Conclusion: All the results of good/bad, positive/negative, gain/loss, together/break up …… are from the PALACE in the end.  The “Flying Stars” just the “Vehicles” which guide us to the “Palace”.

How to avoid the negative impact of Hua Ji?

From zwds chart, we can find out when our life would be impacted by Hua Ji. Then we just do our best to move the “cause” and “space” away.

For example, one girl had the bad Hua Ji sign and could be the victim of sexual assault in December. Then just tell her not to travel, not to go outside at night time and not to go to any Christmas party for whole month. And the “space” is moved away. The similar situations for the traffic accident.

One more example, if the luck of “peach blossoms” is influenced by Hua Ji, then just stay where you are and don’t pick the “flowers” – when it’s coming. That’s the way you moved the “cause” away.

Which Life Palace is the best for Hua Ji?”

Q: Which Life Palace is the best for Hua Ji? and Why?  (Disregard the combination with any Self Hua).

When I pick the suitable birth time for pregnant women:

1.   The bottom line is Hua Ji at six internal (Self Palace, Wealth Palace, Health Palace, Career Palace, Property Palace & Happiness Palace).

2.   My top choices for the locations of Hua Ji are the Property Palace and Self Palace. PLUS, I will also make sure that Hua Lu is at the six internal at the same time (but not at the same palace of Hua Ji).

Following are the reasons and also some materials for Hua Ji. It’s from Flying Star but the basic concepts might be the same of San He.

1.   From I Ching: Tai-Ji (太极) leads to Liang-Yi (两仪) which is “Yin (阴) & Yang (阳)”, Liang-Yi leads to Si-Xiang (四象) and Lu/Quan/Ke/Ji are related in here.

2.   Lu/Quan/Ke/Ji could be divided into two groups: “Lu-Ji” & “Quan-Ke”. “Lu-Ji” is “Yang” and “Quan-Ke” is “Yin”. From “Lu-Ji” point of view, “Lu” is the cause and “Ji” is the consequence. This is the principle of Yin-Yang. So when we study Hua Ji, we always need to look at Hua Lu as well.

3.   The negative side of Hua Ji —- change, bundle, stubborn, problems, disaster and gap etc. When Hua Ji goes into Sibling, Spouse, Children, Friends and Parents, we might have a feeling that we deal with them in this life with the debt from the past life. When Hua Ji at the Travel which is also one of six external, we will face some hard times and don’t have the luck when go outside.

4.   The positive side of Hua-Ji.
1)   People with Hua Ji at the Self Palace do have the advantages for Science and Metaphysics studies. They are also good at planning.

2)   From wealth point of view, Hua Ji means collection. Six internal are the palaces which close linked our own. Both Hua Ji and Hua Lu at the Six Internal (but not the same palace) mean “gained”, “collected” and “enjoyed the results”. Anyway the money making process would not be easy because of the Hua Ji character.

5.   Why I pick Property Palace and Self Palace for the location of Hua Ji?
1)   Important principal: when we deal with the wealth issue, we look at internal/external first – as mentioned. Then move to Yin/Yang palace for big/small amount of $$$.

2)   Yang Palace: Self, Spouse, Wealth, Travel, Career, Happiness.
Yin Palace: Sibling, Children, Health, Friends, Property, Parents.

3)   Yin palace means big $$$, Yang palace means small $$$ — with the exception of Self Palace. Self Palace includes everything from zwds chart point of view. So Hua Ji at Self, Health and Property means big $$$.

4)   Hua Ji at the Health means weak health, so we only pick Self and Property for Hua Ji location.

5)   Property is our “warehouse”(库位). Hua Ji at the Property means the processing of build up “warehouse” is not that smooth, but the good and big results will always be there. So instead of Life Self Palace — which had more negative points with Hua Ji, we picked the Property as the first choice.

6.   Chart example of my client: Hua Ji at Self Palace and Hua Lu at Property Palace. The following results popped into my mind when I just looked the location of Hua Ji and Hua Lu:
He will be a rich person in his life and he can make some good money from real estate. He needs to work extremely hard. The main reason for hard working is for his family. (In here Hua Ji at Self Palace means himself needs to work hard. And the “cause” is he wants to make $$$ from real estate or/and wants to make $$$ for his family — which is the meaning of Property Palace. )

7.  NOTE: you can put Life Self behind the Wealth and Career if you don’t care much about the money. But the Property is always the first choice.