More about Hua Ji

1. Life Hua Ji at any palace – doesn’t matter its Internal or External —- will NOT clash to the opposite – in “whole life” point of view at the zwds chart. Clash only happened when we look at the fortune of decade/year/month… etc.

2. When look at the decade fortune, clash is always being the clash doesn’t matter Internal or External. BUT —- an important issue — we need to know how to disregard the clash which is not related our chart reading. Otherwise it will make us headache because “flying and clashing” everywhere. There are about 10 principles for “how to pick” and “what to disregard” of the clash and I try to put everything together these days.

3. Hua Ji is the winter for season and north for direction. Hua Ji will always be here doesn’t matter you like it or not. So just take it easy and work on it.

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