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The Journey to Become an Expert in ZWDS


ZWDS Case Study on Oct 6, 2015

17/08/1988 at 10 AM male, commits crime in September 2015.case study 06102015

From Flying Star ZWDS point of view:

1. For “Life Hua-Ji at the Life Self Palace with Self Hua-Lu”, we need to do the “vibration” for the Life Hua-Lu because of this Self Hua-Lu. Life Hua-Lu is at the Life Siblings Palace which is one of the 6 external palaces ——- it’s a very bad sign from whole life point of view, and also bad for all the decade palaces go into the Life Self Palace.  Hua-Ji means troubles and problems and “Life Hua-Ji + Self Hua-Lu=double Ji” –which is the “double trouble”.

2. Tian-Xing at the Life Self Palace: From my zwds foundation course ebook: “Tian-Xing is related with legal issue. Although Tian-Xing doesn’t have any Si-Hua, the legal issue of Tian-Xing would be activated by Hua-Ji which located at the same palace. It means disputes and legal problems.” — which is the case in here.

3. Decade Career is the important palace for legal problem. Decade (22-31) Career Palace Hua-Lu to opposite to Life Self Palace with Life Hua-Ji at the Life Self Palace — which became “double-Ji” and also activated the legal issue of Tian-Xing. So bad sign for “Career” related issues — which is the legal problem in this case — in this decade (22-31).

4. Decade Career Palace clash Life Career Palace and year 2015 goes into the Life Career Palace, so year 2015 is one of the years for the sign of legal problems.

5. From month point of view: The Aug in Chinese calendar this year was in the middle of Sep of Western calendar. And the Month Self Palace of Aug in Chinese calendar was at the Life Spouse Palace —– the clash position to the Life Career Palace which is the case according to the feedback.

aoefengshui Zi-Wei-Dou-Shu Foundation Course Introduction


You might have read a lot of zwds articles and a few books already, but still don’t have a clear picture when facing some of the charts.

You might know some flying star principles already, but still not sure which way to fly in some cases.

You might have zero knowledge of zwds at moment and try to find a way to start with.

You might know the meaning of single star already, but hard to tell the difference when double stars combined together in certain palaces ……

What you really need is:

1. A zwds reference book which included:

1) The meanings of the all zwds Palaces from people, events and wealth point of view.

2) The difference of Life Si-Hua, Flying Si-Hua, Self-Hua and Self-Hua to opposite palace.

3) The meaning of Si-Hua & its application in all zwds palaces from people, events and wealth point of view.

4) The Flying Stars Concept & 8 Flying Star Principals.

5) The meaning of Double Si-Hua.

6) ZWDS Star Research Methods and the meaning of Single Star, Double Stars and the Star Applications for Marriage, Disease, Objects & Career Planning.

7) ZWDS chart analyze skills with case study.

2. A zwds teacher with great attitude, knowledge, experience and patient to guide you through.

Here comes the aoefengshui “one on one” zwds foundation course with ebook.

Why this foundation course is important? How the course will benefit you? How it works?

1. The course is a quickest way to lay a solid foundation of zwds to build upon, because it’s almost impossible for anyone to go through the Advanced and Master’s Course without foundation.

2. The course will streamline and reorganize all your zwds knowledge into a system that works well for any zwds chart reading.

3. The ebook is more than 160 pages in total. You can read online or save it into your computer. There will also be some online references with the ebook for better understanding.

4. You will have the course notes from aoefengshui to address the important issues.  It might be just a short note in some cases but it will save you lots of time and efforts for study. You will benefit from many years reading experience of aoefengshui.

5. aoefengshui will spend 30 days with you in a private board at Fivearts Forum to answer all the questions “one on one”. And you will also have extra 7 days for the supplementary questions afterwards. And during this extra 7 days, you will have a video conferencing support for 2 hours with aoefengshui “one-on-one”.

6. And this foundation course is not only last for 37 days. aoefengshui will update the ebook content, course notes, case studies and Q&A, you are able to access them all the time.


ZWDS mastery roadmap:

zwds roadmap course adv

See website for details.



Q & A for Children Palace

Q: Can I ask the meaning of children palace life huake + huaji to property palace with life huaji (property palace is storage Ji)? And if huake +self huaji or self huaji to opposite, need to see the flying huaquan goes?


  1. “Hua-Ji to opposite meets with Life Hua-Ji at the opposite” is one of three situations of “Ji Out”. So it’s not a good sign for Peach Blossom.
  2. From Peach Blossom points of view for your chart case: “the palace of Life Hua-Ke and Life Hua-Ji located opposite each other” is the “Ke-Ji” combination for your chart–which means: always worry and easy to dispute. Also procrastinate and the sign of reconnecting after breakup.
  3. Then pay more attention to the Decade Chart which would be impacted most because of Self-Hua or Flying Hua to opposite.
  4. Life Hua-Ke had its own meaning at Life Children Palace which will not be changed when decade moves.
  5. When “Hua-Ke + Self Hua-Ji or Flying Hua-Ji to opposite” matched with your “Ke-Ji” combination which mentioned above, just flying Hua-Lu to see the “cause” because when “Ke-Ji” as the result, “Lu” would be the cause of this result.

“Hua-Ji + Self Hua-Ji” & “Hua-Lu + Self Hua-Lu” at Life Children Palace

From Peach Blossom point of view: “Hua-Ji+Self Hua-Ji” at Children Palace means —– do have the chance for Peach Blossom but will disappear very soon. Anyway pay more attention to the accident for “Hua-Ji +Self Hua-Ji” at the Children Palace

For “Hua-Lu +Self Hua-Lu” at the Children Palace:”Hua-Lu +Self Hua-Lu = Lu Out”,”Lu Out” will bring out the palace which Life Hua-Ji located. It’s not a good sign –although it’s better than “Hua-Ji+Self Hua-Ji”.

Q & A at the forum on March 16, 2015

Q: if one of six relationships, send hua ji to other one six relationships. does it  mean problem between them  or indebted.

A:  if one (person A) of six relationships, send hua ji to other one (person B) six relationships ——- Normally it means person A always want to control/discipline/check… (in Chinese: 管束) person B.

Life Hua-Lu (or Hua-Quan or Hua-Ke or Hua-Ji) with Self Hua-Ji in one palace

Regarding Life Hua-Lu (or Hua-Quan or Hua-Ke or Hua-Ji) with Self Hua-Ji in one palace:

  1. Life Si-Hua in one palace always means “have” or ”exist” etc— depends on the meaning of this palace. For example, you will have the spouse if Life Si-Hua in Spouse Palace, you will have kid(s) (or Peach blossom) if Life Si-Hua in Children Palace etc. And Hua-Lu, Hua-Quan, Hua-Ke and Hua-Ji had different kind of meanings according to different palaces.
  2. And then we move to the meaning of Self Hua-Ji which is always a bad sign — after this “have” or “exist”.
  3. “Life Hua-Lu + Self Hua-Ji”: Have Hua-Lu first, and nothing left in the end because not to cherish. For example, Life Hua-Lu + Self Hua-Ji at the Life Self Palace — you do have the luck & wealth etc first, then you will loss them because you don’t cherish them.
  4. “Life Hua-Quan + Self Hua-Ji”: Something changes naturally and quickly beyond control, and then nothing left in the end. (Quan means changed itself and changed very quick. you just can’t help with these kinds of natural changes — doesn’t matter you cherish them or not.)
  5. “Life Hua-Ke + Self Hua-Ji”: Something changed because of us, we made this kind of changes and then nothing left in the end. (Ke means changed because of human mind.)
  6. “Life Hua-Ji + Self Hua-Ji”: Hua-Ji still means “have” but very little. For example Life Hua-Ji in Spouse, it still means you will have the marriage but you will get married a bit late — because your marriage luck is very little. Then we add the Self Hua-Ji which means your marriage luck will become zero in the end —- separated or divorced. And one step further, we need to look at where is the Life Hua-Lu located in this situation because “Hua-Ji + Self Hua-Ji = Ji Out”, and “Ji Out” will bring out the palace of Life Hua-Lu for further explanation.
  7. If we use “A for Hua-Lu”, “B for Hua-Quan”, “C for Hua-Ke”, “D for Hua-Ji” and “→ for Self-Hua” The above is only one category of the “Si-Hua+ Self-Hua” combinations which included:

1) A+→D, B+→D, C+→D, D+→D;

2) D+→A, D+→B, D+→C, D+→D,

3) B+→A, B+→B, B+→C, B+→D……

4) A+→A, B+→B, C+→C, D+→D

And plus the meaning of “Si-Hua+ Self-Hua” for same star or two different stars in one        palace, that’s all for the reading of “Si-Hua+ Self-Hua” in one palace.

I will try to put above everything together in near future. Working very hard on my first textbook of “Flying Star Zi Wei Dou Shu Basic” at moment and try to get it done in next few months.

The importance of good communication in fortune telling (Case Study)

Fortune telling is not about get the Bazi from your client and you tell him all the stories of his past and future. Communication is an important key for fortune telling business. Just like when you feel sick, you need to tell your doctor your condition — before he can give you the treatment.

Got a feedback from a professional investor today. He did a great job in the stock market since my consultation last year.

From his zwds chart, both Life & Decade Wealth Palace Self Hua-Ji, but lucky the Life Hua-Ji is at Internal Palace. It means he would make some money from the investment first and then lose because of the Self Hua-Ji. But he would still make the profit in the end because of the vibration of Life Hua-Ji at the Internal Palace.

This was exactly the situation of his investment pattern for last 5 years. He told me that he always did some excellent works on stock picking and always made good $$$ at the beginning, and then he would lose half of what he had made because of the timing of selling.

The communication between us was very effectively and I suggested him to sell the stocks a little bit early — before the impact of Self Hua-Ji — in the future even he still wants to keep them for a while.

That is the purpose of fortune telling —  to pursue lucky and avoid disaster.

Li Na’s Pregnancy (Case Study)

I predicted that the Tennis star Li Na would get pregnant in year 2015 — at my Chinese Micro blog (http://www.weibo.com/91suanming) on 19/09/2014.

Today’s News: “Pioneering Chinese tennis star Li Na announced she was pregnant in front of 15,000 cheering fans at the Australian Open on Monday.”

Case Study: Li Na’s Pregnancy

  1. It’s easy to get the birthday of Li Na online, but to find the right birth time was hard. Need to go through 12 different time zones with her characters and life experience in mind. Anyway the fact that she lost her father when she was 14 helped a lot. “Zuo-Fu Life Hua-Ke + Fly Hua-Ke to opposite = Ke Out” at the First Decade Parents (which is the same of Life Parents). Any “Out” at the Decade Parents Palace is a bad sign for parents and “Zuo-Fu” is a male star which means father.
  2. The Pregnancy reading was easy. Decade Health Flying Hua Ji to opposite means pregnancy in this decade, and the vibration of Life Hua Ji is the year of pregnancy.
  3. “Ji” always means “not smooth”, so Li Na should take good care of herself during the pregnancy.

How to read legal problem?

Q: How do we read legal problem?
A: Pay more attention to Hua Ji, to Career Palace and to Tian-Xing, Wen-Chang, Wen-Qu & Lian-Zhen etc.