Life Hua-Lu (or Hua-Quan or Hua-Ke or Hua-Ji) with Self Hua-Ji in one palace

Regarding Life Hua-Lu (or Hua-Quan or Hua-Ke or Hua-Ji) with Self Hua-Ji in one palace:

  1. Life Si-Hua in one palace always means “have” or ”exist” etc— depends on the meaning of this palace. For example, you will have the spouse if Life Si-Hua in Spouse Palace, you will have kid(s) (or Peach blossom) if Life Si-Hua in Children Palace etc. And Hua-Lu, Hua-Quan, Hua-Ke and Hua-Ji had different kind of meanings according to different palaces.
  2. And then we move to the meaning of Self Hua-Ji which is always a bad sign — after this “have” or “exist”.
  3. “Life Hua-Lu + Self Hua-Ji”: Have Hua-Lu first, and nothing left in the end because not to cherish. For example, Life Hua-Lu + Self Hua-Ji at the Life Self Palace — you do have the luck & wealth etc first, then you will loss them because you don’t cherish them.
  4. “Life Hua-Quan + Self Hua-Ji”: Something changes naturally and quickly beyond control, and then nothing left in the end. (Quan means changed itself and changed very quick. you just can’t help with these kinds of natural changes — doesn’t matter you cherish them or not.)
  5. “Life Hua-Ke + Self Hua-Ji”: Something changed because of us, we made this kind of changes and then nothing left in the end. (Ke means changed because of human mind.)
  6. “Life Hua-Ji + Self Hua-Ji”: Hua-Ji still means “have” but very little. For example Life Hua-Ji in Spouse, it still means you will have the marriage but you will get married a bit late — because your marriage luck is very little. Then we add the Self Hua-Ji which means your marriage luck will become zero in the end —- separated or divorced. And one step further, we need to look at where is the Life Hua-Lu located in this situation because “Hua-Ji + Self Hua-Ji = Ji Out”, and “Ji Out” will bring out the palace of Life Hua-Lu for further explanation.
  7. If we use “A for Hua-Lu”, “B for Hua-Quan”, “C for Hua-Ke”, “D for Hua-Ji” and “→ for Self-Hua” The above is only one category of the “Si-Hua+ Self-Hua” combinations which included:

1) A+→D, B+→D, C+→D, D+→D;

2) D+→A, D+→B, D+→C, D+→D,

3) B+→A, B+→B, B+→C, B+→D……

4) A+→A, B+→B, C+→C, D+→D

And plus the meaning of “Si-Hua+ Self-Hua” for same star or two different stars in one        palace, that’s all for the reading of “Si-Hua+ Self-Hua” in one palace.

I will try to put above everything together in near future. Working very hard on my first textbook of “Flying Star Zi Wei Dou Shu Basic” at moment and try to get it done in next few months.


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6 thoughts on “Life Hua-Lu (or Hua-Quan or Hua-Ke or Hua-Ji) with Self Hua-Ji in one palace

  1. catie March 29, 2016 at 2:16 am Reply

    what is the meaning of life hua lu (or quan or ke) + self hua lu (or quan or ke) in the same palace ?


    • March 29, 2016 at 7:01 am Reply

      For example, Life Children Palace had Tai-Yin star “Life Hua-Ji” and Tai-Yin star “Self Hua-Quan”, we called it “Life Hua-Ji with Self Hua Quan” in one same palace — which is the Life Children Palace in this case.


  2. Kate August 22, 2016 at 8:18 pm Reply

    Hi Master,
    If there is life hua ke but it fly hua ji to opposite, does it mean life hua ke self hua ji? But what if there is already a self hua ji in another palace already?


    • August 22, 2016 at 10:07 pm Reply

      Just teaching zwds advanced class these days and we had 126 pages materials for Self-Hua. Really hard to explain in one or two sentences.


  3. Kate August 22, 2016 at 8:20 pm Reply

    Also what is the impact if there is decade hua ji in self palace and year hua lu in self palace. Does it mean double bad for self palace?


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