Which Life Palace is the best for Hua Ji?”

Q: Which Life Palace is the best for Hua Ji? and Why?  (Disregard the combination with any Self Hua).

When I pick the suitable birth time for pregnant women:

1.   The bottom line is Hua Ji at six internal (Self Palace, Wealth Palace, Health Palace, Career Palace, Property Palace & Happiness Palace).

2.   My top choices for the locations of Hua Ji are the Property Palace and Self Palace. PLUS, I will also make sure that Hua Lu is at the six internal at the same time (but not at the same palace of Hua Ji).

Following are the reasons and also some materials for Hua Ji. It’s from Flying Star but the basic concepts might be the same of San He.

1.   From I Ching: Tai-Ji (太极) leads to Liang-Yi (两仪) which is “Yin (阴) & Yang (阳)”, Liang-Yi leads to Si-Xiang (四象) and Lu/Quan/Ke/Ji are related in here.

2.   Lu/Quan/Ke/Ji could be divided into two groups: “Lu-Ji” & “Quan-Ke”. “Lu-Ji” is “Yang” and “Quan-Ke” is “Yin”. From “Lu-Ji” point of view, “Lu” is the cause and “Ji” is the consequence. This is the principle of Yin-Yang. So when we study Hua Ji, we always need to look at Hua Lu as well.

3.   The negative side of Hua Ji —- change, bundle, stubborn, problems, disaster and gap etc. When Hua Ji goes into Sibling, Spouse, Children, Friends and Parents, we might have a feeling that we deal with them in this life with the debt from the past life. When Hua Ji at the Travel which is also one of six external, we will face some hard times and don’t have the luck when go outside.

4.   The positive side of Hua-Ji.
1)   People with Hua Ji at the Self Palace do have the advantages for Science and Metaphysics studies. They are also good at planning.

2)   From wealth point of view, Hua Ji means collection. Six internal are the palaces which close linked our own. Both Hua Ji and Hua Lu at the Six Internal (but not the same palace) mean “gained”, “collected” and “enjoyed the results”. Anyway the money making process would not be easy because of the Hua Ji character.

5.   Why I pick Property Palace and Self Palace for the location of Hua Ji?
1)   Important principal: when we deal with the wealth issue, we look at internal/external first – as mentioned. Then move to Yin/Yang palace for big/small amount of $$$.

2)   Yang Palace: Self, Spouse, Wealth, Travel, Career, Happiness.
Yin Palace: Sibling, Children, Health, Friends, Property, Parents.

3)   Yin palace means big $$$, Yang palace means small $$$ — with the exception of Self Palace. Self Palace includes everything from zwds chart point of view. So Hua Ji at Self, Health and Property means big $$$.

4)   Hua Ji at the Health means weak health, so we only pick Self and Property for Hua Ji location.

5)   Property is our “warehouse”(库位). Hua Ji at the Property means the processing of build up “warehouse” is not that smooth, but the good and big results will always be there. So instead of Life Self Palace — which had more negative points with Hua Ji, we picked the Property as the first choice.

6.   Chart example of my client: Hua Ji at Self Palace and Hua Lu at Property Palace. The following results popped into my mind when I just looked the location of Hua Ji and Hua Lu:
He will be a rich person in his life and he can make some good money from real estate. He needs to work extremely hard. The main reason for hard working is for his family. (In here Hua Ji at Self Palace means himself needs to work hard. And the “cause” is he wants to make $$$ from real estate or/and wants to make $$$ for his family — which is the meaning of Property Palace. )

7.  NOTE: you can put Life Self behind the Wealth and Career if you don’t care much about the money. But the Property is always the first choice.


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4 thoughts on “Which Life Palace is the best for Hua Ji?”

  1. Puskás Kati (@PusiKati) September 22, 2017 at 5:05 am Reply

    Thank You 🙂


  2. raven September 25, 2017 at 6:13 am Reply

    Can it be applied to decade? For example, tiantong became huaji in decade property palace.. Thanks


    • www.aoefengshui.com September 25, 2017 at 11:17 am Reply

      We pay more attention to Self-Hua/Hua to Opposite for the Decade Palaces —– because Decade palace is “Yong”, not the “Ti”.


      • raven September 25, 2017 at 6:29 pm

        Oh thank you for your insight


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