More Good News for Advanced Students

To increase the value of the Advance Course, I just add some important parts of Master Course into Advance Course. Now all the principals and techniques you need for chart reading is at the Advance Course.
Students who join the Advance Course will learn following subjects along with 50 case-studies.

— Advanced Flying Techniques

— Palace/Si-Hua Choice

— Self-Hua/Hua to Opposite Concept

— No Life Si-Hua with Self-Hua

— Different types of Vibration

— Self-Hua Exchanging

— Overlapping

— Life Si-Hua with Self-Hua which includes: Life-Lu with Self-Lu Life-Lu with Self-Quan Life-Lu with Self-Ke Life-Lu with Self-Ji

Life-Quan with Self-Lu Life-Quan with Self-Quan Life-Quan with Self-Ke Life-Quan with Self-Ji

Life-Ke with Self-Lu Life-Ke with Self-Quan Life-Ke with Self-Ke Life-Ke with Self-Ji

Life-Ji with Self-Lu Life-Ji with Self-Quan Life-Ji with Self-Ke Life-Ji with Self-Ji

Double Life Si-Hua with Single Self-Hua Single Life Si-Hua with Double Self-Hua Double Life Si-Hua with Double Self-Hua ……

— Life Si-Hua No Self-Hua

— No Life Si-Hua No Self-Hua

— The Consequence, Cause, Time and Karma of Single Si-Hua

— The Consequence, Cause, Time and Karma of Double Si-Hua

— The Consequence, Cause, Time and Karma of Triple Si-Hua

— He-Tu Application: Lai-Yin Palace and Life Space

— The 6-Ti & 6-Yong Palaces

— Luo-Shu Application at Decade Level

— Life/Decade/Year/Month Reading.

— Love/Marriage

— Wealth/Career

— Study/Examination

— Health/Accident

— Pregnancy/Baby Gender

— Overseas/Migration

— Buying/Selling Properties

“aoefengshui ZWDS Master Course” is for students with 2-3 years experiences of fortune telling business —- Just like the MBA course. I will share with students of my more than 10 years ZWDS experience – as a professional fortune-teller in full time. So you might reach my ZWDS level in 5 years — instead of 10-15.

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