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New Services Added

Date and time selection for baby caesarean section surgery.  

Physical and mental health is always the most important issue. Many parents also pay more attention to the fate and relationship with kids. In addition, career/wealth is always important for a boy and love/marriage is important for a girl.

According to the different requirements of each family, aoefengshui will study more than 25 ZWDS charts and give the points to the times of Caesarean section with ZWDS reasons behind.

A ZWDS Reading Report will be included after the baby is born.

Chinese name selection and Chinese name change.  

The influence of the Chinese name towards the fortune of a person only accounted for around 10%. But sometimes you might only need the extra 5% of luck to make a big difference. A good Chinese name will increase the luck of your life.

According to the birth date and time, the Chinese names will be selected from more than one thousand words. All the names will meet the requirements in following areas AT THE SAME TIME: “Hexagram”, “Five Elements”, “People Structure”, “Earth Structure”, “External Structure” and “General Structure”. Normally 8-10 names will be provided for you to choose.

A ZWDS Reading Report will be included.

Package Offer: “Date and time selection for baby caesarean section” and “Chinese name selection”.

A discount will be provided if you choose both services of “Date and time selection for baby caesarean section surgery” and “Chinese name selection and Chinese name change” at the same time.

Date and Time Selection for Wedding, Business Opening, Moving and other activities.

You need to provide the date and time of birth of Bride and Groom for the “Date and Time Selection Service” of Wedding. And the birth details of the main personnel are also needed for the other services.

Please go to the following web page for more details: 


aoefengshui News

University of New South Wales (UNSW) of Australia is one of the Top 50 universities in the world according to QS World University Rankings for 2017-2018. An I-Ching research group of UNSW led by a professor finished a special report about aoefengshui this month. This 5000 words report described the experience of ZWDS practicing of aoefengshui. The group investigated many cases read by aoefengshui at the public forums and visited some of aoefengshui’s clients in Australia. A few overseas’ clients were also be interviewed online.

The group found that the ZWDS aoefengshui used is creditable. The full report will be published in the relevant media in near future.

“Action through Inaction”

Hua-Quan is the Nature Force in ZWDS Master Course, and we can use Hua-Ke to save the unfavorable results which includes the methods of Mental Cultivation and Feng Shui Products. It’s the harmony between Human & Nature. In Taoism, we called “Action through Inaction” —- the Action of Hua-Ke for the Inaction of Hua-Quan.

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More Good News for Advanced Students

To increase the value of the Advance Course, I just add some important parts of Master Course into Advance Course. Now all the principals and techniques you need for chart reading is at the Advance Course.
Students who join the Advance Course will learn following subjects along with 50 case-studies.

— Advanced Flying Techniques

— Palace/Si-Hua Choice

— Self-Hua/Hua to Opposite Concept

— No Life Si-Hua with Self-Hua

— Different types of Vibration

— Self-Hua Exchanging

— Overlapping

— Life Si-Hua with Self-Hua which includes: Life-Lu with Self-Lu Life-Lu with Self-Quan Life-Lu with Self-Ke Life-Lu with Self-Ji

Life-Quan with Self-Lu Life-Quan with Self-Quan Life-Quan with Self-Ke Life-Quan with Self-Ji

Life-Ke with Self-Lu Life-Ke with Self-Quan Life-Ke with Self-Ke Life-Ke with Self-Ji

Life-Ji with Self-Lu Life-Ji with Self-Quan Life-Ji with Self-Ke Life-Ji with Self-Ji

Double Life Si-Hua with Single Self-Hua Single Life Si-Hua with Double Self-Hua Double Life Si-Hua with Double Self-Hua ……

— Life Si-Hua No Self-Hua

— No Life Si-Hua No Self-Hua

— The Consequence, Cause, Time and Karma of Single Si-Hua

— The Consequence, Cause, Time and Karma of Double Si-Hua

— The Consequence, Cause, Time and Karma of Triple Si-Hua

— He-Tu Application: Lai-Yin Palace and Life Space

— The 6-Ti & 6-Yong Palaces

— Luo-Shu Application at Decade Level

— Life/Decade/Year/Month Reading.

— Love/Marriage

— Wealth/Career

— Study/Examination

— Health/Accident

— Pregnancy/Baby Gender

— Overseas/Migration

— Buying/Selling Properties

“aoefengshui ZWDS Master Course” is for students with 2-3 years experiences of fortune telling business —- Just like the MBA course. I will share with students of my more than 10 years ZWDS experience – as a professional fortune-teller in full time. So you might reach my ZWDS level in 5 years — instead of 10-15.

Q&A for Siblings Palace

Q: Does bad siblings palace mean someone can’t have very close friends? Because his/her very close friends has tendency to hurt him/her?

A:  There are a few different meanings for Siblings Palace — from my foundation course. For example, brothers/sisters, close friends, private enterprise etc. Bad siblings palace can mean the problem of one or more than one of them.  So it might not be related with close friends at all. Anyway if it does , then it means you don’t have the good “fate” with your close friends —-for example you don’t have close friends or they are not helpful or they have tendency to hurt you … etc.

One step further, most of us would have more than one brother/sister/close friend and not all of them would hurt us. To find which one is bad (or which one is good/helpful if the siblings palace is good), we can look at the Yin/Yang of the Star and/or the Chinese Zodica from zwds chart to find “the One and Only”.

Flying Star Zi Wei Dou Shu Calculator by aoefengshui®

Please email me (aoefengshui@outlook.com) for the Calculator. It’s free.
Note: You might have a warn sign from anti virus, just “Run” it after downloading.
Basic information about the software:
Program name: Flying Star Zi Wei Dou Shu Calculator
Version: 1.3
Release date: 03 Oct 2015
Cost: Free
License: Free for personal use. For commercial usage, please contact aoefengshui.
Software requirement: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Please visit us regularly for latest update of the software.