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The Journey to Become an Expert in ZWDS


A few Touching Moments in My Fortune Telling Services

  1. Followed my suggestion, a lady changed her mind and won’t get abortion. She sent me a photo of a healthy and cute boy after 5 years and said “You saved him!”
  2. Through the accurate date/time selection for a new born baby, she won a big award at local art gallery at the age of six —- according to the “Pre-Planned” career path in the Arts before birth.
  3. Successfully stopped a million dollar investment for my client. The result shows that she would lose all the money and lead to bankruptcy if go ahead.
  4. A client said “I don’t have close relationship with my father, and you became my ‘Online Father’ now.”
  5. A depressed patient is prepared to end her life after the treatment failure. I detailed analysis of her chart and clearly pointed out the Month with good fortune. With hope in mind, she found a new ideal job and began a new life in that month.

aoefengshui ZWDS Advanced Course Materials


Just sent the Part 1 of printing copies of “aoefengshui ZWDS Advanced Course” study materials to all the students today.

Total 221 pages in B5 paper.




More Good News for Advanced Students

To increase the value of the Advance Course, I just add some important parts of Master Course into Advance Course. Now all the principals and techniques you need for chart reading is at the Advance Course.
Students who join the Advance Course will learn following subjects along with 50 case-studies.

— Advanced Flying Techniques

— Palace/Si-Hua Choice

— Self-Hua/Hua to Opposite Concept

— No Life Si-Hua with Self-Hua

— Different types of Vibration

— Self-Hua Exchanging

— Overlapping

— Life Si-Hua with Self-Hua which includes: Life-Lu with Self-Lu Life-Lu with Self-Quan Life-Lu with Self-Ke Life-Lu with Self-Ji

Life-Quan with Self-Lu Life-Quan with Self-Quan Life-Quan with Self-Ke Life-Quan with Self-Ji

Life-Ke with Self-Lu Life-Ke with Self-Quan Life-Ke with Self-Ke Life-Ke with Self-Ji

Life-Ji with Self-Lu Life-Ji with Self-Quan Life-Ji with Self-Ke Life-Ji with Self-Ji

Double Life Si-Hua with Single Self-Hua Single Life Si-Hua with Double Self-Hua Double Life Si-Hua with Double Self-Hua ……

— Life Si-Hua No Self-Hua

— No Life Si-Hua No Self-Hua

— The Consequence, Cause, Time and Karma of Single Si-Hua

— The Consequence, Cause, Time and Karma of Double Si-Hua

— The Consequence, Cause, Time and Karma of Triple Si-Hua

— He-Tu Application: Lai-Yin Palace and Life Space

— The 6-Ti & 6-Yong Palaces

— Luo-Shu Application at Decade Level

— Life/Decade/Year/Month Reading.

— Love/Marriage

— Wealth/Career

— Study/Examination

— Health/Accident

— Pregnancy/Baby Gender

— Overseas/Migration

— Buying/Selling Properties

“aoefengshui ZWDS Master Course” is for students with 2-3 years experiences of fortune telling business —- Just like the MBA course. I will share with students of my more than 10 years ZWDS experience – as a professional fortune-teller in full time. So you might reach my ZWDS level in 5 years — instead of 10-15.


We are being informed that there are some websites selling bogus aoefengshui courses. Our legal advisors have been consulted and they already started the due procedures for dealing with all these illegal activities. Please remember that aoefengshui ZWDS courses and services are only available via aoefengshui’s website, this blog and fivearts.info.

The rumor about a cheaper version of aoefengshui ADVANCED ZWDS course is simply not true. There is no plan for the EXPRESS version of the ADVANCED ZWDS course for now and in the future. The reason is simple because the ADVANCED Course is 20 weeks long and it’s impossible to learn by just reading the text. You need the personal guidance and the ADVANCED course is one-on-one private course between you and Master Tony.


Life Si-Hua Combinations

When Life Hua-Lu (or Hua-Quan or Hua-Ke) at the same palace (or the opposite palace, or the neighbor palace) of Life Hua-Ji, we called it Life Si-Hua Lu-Ji (or Quan-Ji, or Ke-Ji) combination.

Same as the Life Si-Hua, the Life Si-Hua combinations are only the signs, no good or bad — unless the good or bad are generated by Decade or Year movement. For example, Life Si-Hua combination is Ke-Ji, and when “Flying Ji” met with “Self Hua-Ke” or “Ke to opposite”, then this “Flying Ji + Self Hua-Ke (or Ke to opposite) =Ke-Ji” is not a good sign.

The signs of Lu-Ji, Quan-Ji and Ke-Ji had different meanings according to the different palaces we are looking at.

Q&A for Siblings Palace

Q: Does bad siblings palace mean someone can’t have very close friends? Because his/her very close friends has tendency to hurt him/her?

A:  There are a few different meanings for Siblings Palace — from my foundation course. For example, brothers/sisters, close friends, private enterprise etc. Bad siblings palace can mean the problem of one or more than one of them.  So it might not be related with close friends at all. Anyway if it does , then it means you don’t have the good “fate” with your close friends —-for example you don’t have close friends or they are not helpful or they have tendency to hurt you … etc.

One step further, most of us would have more than one brother/sister/close friend and not all of them would hurt us. To find which one is bad (or which one is good/helpful if the siblings palace is good), we can look at the Yin/Yang of the Star and/or the Chinese Zodica from zwds chart to find “the One and Only”.

Karma Marriage

1. He-Tu number: 1-10. For zwds chart, the number of the Happiness Palace is 11. 11-10=1, so Happiness Palace = Self Palace. Self Palace is the Palace for this life, and Happiness Palace is the Karma Palace which includes Past, Present and Future Lives.

2. Fly Hua-Lu or Hua-Ke from the Heavenly Stems of Life Happiness Palace to certain Palace, and from the Earth Branch of this certain Palace, we can find the certain Chinese Zodiac. For example: Zi-Rat, Chou-Cow, Yin-Tiger, Mao-Rabbit, Chen-Dragon, Si-Snake, Wu-Horse, Wei-Goat, Shen-Monkey, You-Cock, Xu-Dog and Hai-Pig.

3. If you married already and your spouse satisfied one of the above Chinese Zodiac, your marriage would be the “Karma Marriage”. In other words, you two had the certain relationship in past life but didn’t finish at that time, and you just keep going the relationship in this life.

4. If this is the case, even your Decade Spouse Palace double clashed Life Self Palace or Life Spouse Palace etc, you wouldn’t get divorced – because it’s the Karma Marriage.

5. If you still single, you can pay more attention to the potential partner with certain Chinese Zodiac just mentioned. It would be easy to get together and also the marriage will last longer.

6. We also can find the Karma Marriage from the stars of “Zuo Fu”, ”You Bi”, ”Wen Chang” & ”Wen Qu” – which I will try to address those in future class.

Flying Star Zi Wei Dou Shu Calculator by aoefengshui®

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