Life Si-Hua Combinations

When Life Hua-Lu (or Hua-Quan or Hua-Ke) at the same palace (or the opposite palace, or the neighbor palace) of Life Hua-Ji, we called it Life Si-Hua Lu-Ji (or Quan-Ji, or Ke-Ji) combination.

Same as the Life Si-Hua, the Life Si-Hua combinations are only the signs, no good or bad — unless the good or bad are generated by Decade or Year movement. For example, Life Si-Hua combination is Ke-Ji, and when “Flying Ji” met with “Self Hua-Ke” or “Ke to opposite”, then this “Flying Ji + Self Hua-Ke (or Ke to opposite) =Ke-Ji” is not a good sign.

The signs of Lu-Ji, Quan-Ji and Ke-Ji had different meanings according to the different palaces we are looking at.


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