A zwds case study (Continue 01)

case study

……( Contine )

Mr. B:

TO aoefengshui: it looks like no need to adjust for daylight saving?  For the YOU hour chart, would she be interested in graphic design?  Also, do you see any similarities between the YOU hour and XU hour chart?
TO Miss A: Just wondering, do you have thin affinity with your father? (i.e. closer to mother, father not around or not so involved with your life, etc)

Miss A:

TO Mr B: it’s true, I do not have a close relationship with my father.


A few points in my mind from this chart for further discussion.

1. I understand that many people use daylight saving for ZWDS chart reading. I also noticed that the Grand Master of Qin-Tian-Men(钦天门)— Mr. Cai Minghong(蔡明宏)said that “No daylight saving confusion for ZWDS. No matter which country and where you were born, just used the local time (without daylight saving). Daylight Saving is the government regulations, and the regulation is part of your fate.”
His original words in Chinese: “ 紫微斗数没有夏令时间的困扰。凡人不论在何国、何处诞生,即以当地的时间为准。令者、命也,夏令时间就是法令。”

2. Anyway “birth time settle down” is my standard procedure for ZWDS reading — disregard daylight saving or not. According to the feedback from my reading experience, I do agree that no daylight saving for chart reading.

3. For the YOU hour chart, I cannot see anything related with graphic design.

4. Regarding the question for her “thin affinity” with her father:

1)Parent Palace is both for father & mother. Not the Parent Palace is for father only and the Sibling Palace is for mother. We need to look at the Yin/Yang of the star to distinguish between father and mother.

2)From her chart for Xu hour (which I am using): Life Parents Tian-Tong Hua-Lu to the opposite palace with Tian-Tong Self Hua-Ji. Lu + Ji = double Ji for this situation, so she didn’t have a close relationship with her parents. Father or Mother? Tian-Tong is the Yang star, so is her father.

3)From her chart for You hour: Life Parents Ju-Men Hua-Ji to the opposite palace with Ju-Men Self Hua-Lu, Also Lu + Ji =double Ji, And Ju-Men is a Yin star, and then will be her mother who she doesn’t have close relationship with ……

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