A zwds case study ( Continue 02: Daylight Saving Time? )

case study


Ms. C:

How we will explain that human laws so often mingled with errors override the laws of Heaven ex: Sun, at noon Trigram Li 12:00 o’clock – relationship between earth / heaven; presently the problem isnt only Daylight Saving Time… Have a look to the civil hour with the map world for these three cities : St Petersburg, Moscou, Kazan?


1. Between Heaven & Earth, Human Being is in the middle.

2. Heaven & Earth had their own laws, and Human Being in the middle had his/her own opportunities.

3. Regarding Fate(命Mìng)& Fortune(运yùn),Human Being is impossible to change the “Fate”.

4. For “Fortune”: “Heaven, Earth and Human Being Three-element (天地人三才)” theory could be applied in here.

5. Parents, family background, ethics… related to “Heaven”.

6. Environment, Society … related to “Earth”. And the government regulations are the part of the environment.

7. The “Heaven” & “Earth” in here make the differences for the opportunities of Human Being.

8. In other words, “Heaven” & “Earth” are not belongs to the Bazi of Human Being.

9. So doesn’t matter what kind of time system (or said the “earth system”) applies to Human Being, we just “enjoy” it and do not necessary to make any change.

10. Conclusion: just use the clock time on your birth for ZWDS chart, and don’t worry about the daylight saving.

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