A zwds case study

case study

Miss A :

I would like to know more about the future of my career, time of marriage, and anything else relevant.
Birthday: august XX, 1985
Location: XXX
Time: 7:30pm
Gender: female


What I can see from your zwds Chart:
1. A very smart girl, and “the wise looks like a fool” — sometimes.
2. Charming, easy going, intelligent & no shortage for peach blossom.
3. Lonely character and don’t have the good relationships with normal friends/colleagues — doesn’t matter how hard you try.
4. Very cautious and always make sure you are not to be harmed.
5. The wealth luck is not bad.
6. Big ups and downs, big changes in your life ……
Please give some feedback before going further.

Miss A :

Thanks aoefengshui for the reading, I think everything you said is very true, I especially have a hard time getting close to people as I always feel like at a certain point, I hit a wall. I’m interested in what the big changes mean. At the moment, I’m trying to start a new career in graphic design and I would like to know if this will take me anywhere.. Also is there marriage in my future?


Thank you for your feedback.
1. Zi-Wei & Tan-Lang at the Self Palace, plus Lian-Zhen & Qi-Sha at the Career Palace, you will be good at the graphic design, just go ahead for your new career.
2. Life Career Palace flying Hua-Quan into Self Palace means your career luck is good — in general.
3. Decade Career Palace Hua-Quan to the opposite palace and we need to look at the palace with Hua-Quan for further details.
4. Life Property Hua-Quan, and Property belongs to the 6-Yin Palaces. Yin Palace means move and Hua-Quan is good for the career, so your career will move into a good direction in the decade of 22-31.
5. Year 2014 is at the opposite palace of the Life Property, so you will also have the good luck for moving to the new career this year.
6. When Life Hua-Lu & Life Hua-Ji at the same palace (or at the opposite or next to each other), it means your life will go ups and downs all the time. So you need to be ready in your mind for these changes.
7. Tian-Fu at the Spouse Palace at the Wei, your Mr. Right is very caring and sweet to you, and also outstanding in at least one of following: appearance, temperament and career.
8. Spouse Palace flying Hua-Ji to Self Palace means your Mr. Right cares you too much sometimes and you might feel like you just don’t have freedom.
9. The possible year for marriage: 2016. The reason: Decade Spouse for 32-41 Hua Lu to opposite, we look for Life Hua Lu which at the Life Sibling with Life Hua Ji. Hua Lu and Hua Ji is in the same group of Si-Hua which means something will happen — in your case, you will get married in year 2016.
10. In case you missed 2016, the next possible year for marriage is 2018 which the Year Palace goes into the Decade Spouse with Hua-Lu to the opposite ……

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3 thoughts on “A zwds case study

  1. Germano April 16, 2015 at 12:44 am Reply

    can you tell me about relevant things in zwds?
    november, 1 of 1989.
    birth 11:50 am (gmt -3)
    Barra mansa/ Brazil


    • www.aoefengshui.com April 16, 2015 at 11:22 am Reply

      Also need to know your gender. Please Just send me an email (aoefengshui@outlook.com) for a quick free reading of your characters.


  2. Germano April 16, 2015 at 8:51 pm Reply

    Sending here too.
    november, 1 of 1989.
    birth 11:50 am (gmt -3)
    Barra mansa/ RJ
    Gender male


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