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Learn ZWDS Foundation and Advanced Course at home during Coronavirus Closure

Coronavirus may keep you at home for several months. If you are interested in Zi-Wei-Dou-Shu, now is the opportunity to study. After a few months, you may be able to work full-time or part-time in the numerology consulting industry and get benefits for life.





A Few Thoughts

The ZWDS I have been learning might from the Prehistory. It consists of two aspects: Fortunetelling and Philosophy.

From Fortunetelling point of view, we pay more attention to “pursue good fortune and avoid disaster”. For example, when there is a sign of house fire in someone’s ZWDS chart, we don’t want to wait to happen —— to show the accuracy of a Master. We just find out the reasons and the time of happening from the chart and take the necessary actions to avoid the fire. It’s kind of the directions of our life. I will focus on the actions we take after chart reading and also be prepared in our mind. I wouldn’t say that ZWDS is the Fatalism. It only becomes Fatalism if we do nothing afterwards.

Also, as different people with same chart would go into different directions in their life, we need to read the chart according to the personal circumstance.

Regarding the Philosophy side of ZWDS, we focus on the combinations of ZWDS and I-Ching, Genetics & Feng Shui etc.

Quantum Fortunetelling

I have received many feedbacks regarding the accuracy of my predictions, such as finding a job or getting to know the right person for marriage in a certain month of the year, etc.



From the perspective of quantum mechanics, “Observation Affects Reality”. So “Whatever you say” under the frame of the chart would be the highest level of fortune-telling.


Q & A for a Cancer Case


Hi aoefengshui

This chart is Retinoblastoma ( a cancer that starts in the retina ). The retina is the inner layer of cells in the back of the eye.

DoB : 2018 July 09 22:30 female gmt +7.



Thank you for the case study.

When one Palace with Self Hua-Lu (we called it Palace A), and the Flying-Ji from Palace A into another Palace (we called it Palace B, C, D, E, F or G —– according to the destination of Flying-Ji as shown in picture 1 below), we can read the different meanings as shown in picture 2.

Picture 1


Picture 2


In this case, Life Health-Palace with Lian-Zhen Self Hua-Lu, and Flying (Tai-Yang) Hua-Ji into Life Self-Palace —the Palace F which means “broken and ruined”. And Lian-Zhen means cancer or the other “intractable disease” from health point of view and Tai-Yang means “heart, brain or eye disease” (from “aoefengshui ZWDS Foundation Course”). That’s the reason for Retinoblastoma from my personal point of view.



How to be a good fortune teller?

A few thoughts:

1. We can generate many ZWDS charts with ZWDS software, but the chart is “useless” unless someone with this chart came to us. This person borrowed this chart.

2. A good fortuneteller will combine the objective rational analysis with the subjective perception. From ZWDS point of view, the objective rational analysis includes Life Si-Hua, Palaces, Si-Hua Group, Flying Si-Hua, Self-Hua and Chart Balance … etc. For the subjective perception, we need to set up some special points at the ZWDS charts according to the personal circumstance —- with our extensive knowledge and experience in different areas.

3. We also can deal with the karma issues from ZWDS system for better understanding.

Princess Diana

Princess Diana (July 1, 1961 – Aug 30, 1997) Time of Birth: You. 

1. One of the forum members asked me to look at the ZWDS chart of Princess Diana today and we assume that the above birth date and time are correct.

2. “Year 1997 Self-Palace” with “Wen-Chang Life Hua-Ji with Self Hua-Ji” and “Wen-Qu Life Hua-Ke with Self Hua-Ke”, we called it “Year 1997 Self-Palace with Double Life Si-Hua with Double Self-Hua”.

3. At the Chapter 6-7 of “aoefengshui ZWDS Advanced Course
“……2. ……Other Combinations:
Double Life Si-Hua with Single Self-Hua
Single Life Si-Hua with Double Self-Hua
Double Life Si-Hua with Double Self-Hua
Case Study……”

I mentioned on Page 170 that “Double Si-Hua with Double Self-Hua which means hurt, injured or died……

4. Plus the combination of Heavenly Stems is Ding-Xin for “Life Self Palace – Life Travel Palace” and the combination of Heavenly Stems is Jia-Geng for “Decade 36-45 Self-Palace- Decade 36-45 Travel Palace” —– it’s the sign of the traffic accident.

5. Attached is Princess Diana’s Chart for year 1997.

Rest in peace!


Diana ZWDS Chart

Review (May 16, 2018)

“Action through Inaction”

Hua-Quan is the Nature Force in ZWDS Master Course, and we can use Hua-Ke to save the unfavorable results which includes the methods of Mental Cultivation and Feng Shui Products. It’s the harmony between Human & Nature. In Taoism, we called “Action through Inaction” —- the Action of Hua-Ke for the Inaction of Hua-Quan.

The Secrets Behind the Flying Star ZWDS


  1. Flying Star ZWDS is a very big subject and Fortune-telling is only one part of the entire system.
  2. Flying Star ZWDS is related to following areas:



          Traditional Chinese Medicine;

          I Ching;

          Buddhism … etc.



1) ZWDS is about Fortune-telling, but where are these good/bad, gain/loss, have/don’t have, more/less …… came from? —— From Karma & Retribution from Buddhist point of view.

2) Our life is “Fate+Fortune”. “Fate” is from Prenatal which related to past life —- Zuo-You-Chang-Qu. “Fortune” is for Fetus after Birth which related to this life —- Lu-Quan-Ke-Ji.

3) Gene is the carrier of human life. Because the difference of Gene, people will have different Destiny even with same Ba-zi.

4) “Lu-Quan-Ke-Ji” is not within the level of Gene, “Zuo-You-Chang-Qu” does. ZWDS is very accurate if we could use “Lu-Quan-Ke-Ji” &“Zuo-You-Chang-Qu” in a correct way.



1) He-Tu number from “1” to “10”. “1” is Life Self and “10” is the Property at ZWDS chart.


2) If we set Property as Tai-Ji, then the Si-Zheng position represented the directions of front, back, left and right.


3) The main stars for ZWDS Feng-Shui:

Lian-Zhen: the House star

Tan-Lang: the Generating star

Wu-Qu: the Emit star

Ju-Men: the Ground star

Po-Jun: the Water star



Traditional Chinese Medicine:






I Ching:

From I Ching:“In the system of the Yi, there is the Grand Terminus (Tai-Ji), which produced the two elementary Forms (Yin-Yang). Those two Forms produced the Four emblematic Symbols (Si-Xiang), which again produced the eight Trigrams (Ba-Gua).”

I Ching: Tai-Ji

ZWDS: ZWDS Chart is also a Tai-Ji


I Ching: Yin-Yang give rise to each other as interrelate to one another.

ZWDS: Self-Hua means Change — from nothing to something or from something to nothing.


I Ching: Si-Xiang

ZWDS: Si-Hua


I Ching Ba-Gua at ZWDS Chart

images zwbaigua


I Ching: Gua-Qi Theory(卦气论)– “Six Place of Hexagram”(周流六虚)


ZWDS:6-Internal & 6-External, 6-Yin & 6-Yang








Once you get inside the door of Fortune-telling, you might be interested to learn the entire world of Flying Star ZWDS.

Enjoy the Journey!

aoefengshui ZWDS Advanced Course

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