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The Journey to Become an Expert in ZWDS


aoefengshui Zi-Wei-Dou-Shu System

ZWDS Courses

“Flying Star Zi-Wei-Dou-Shu” is for fortune telling. You will be a professional fortune teller after the Foundation & Advanced Course.

ZWDS for the Stock Market” will help you to create your own Stock Market Trading System according to the ZWDS Chart.

Zi-Wei-Dou-Shu Stars — aoefengshui ZWDS Master Course” is a big project. It includes:

ZWDS and Life Code

For example:

Zuo-Fu: Samsara;

You-Bi: Transmigration;

Tan-Lang: Destinism;

Ju-Men: Contigencism;

Po-Jun: Creationsim of Fate … etc.


ZWDS Feng-shui

For example the Feng-shui of the Forbidden City and the Imperial Mausoleum from ZWDS point of view. And also the ZWDS Feng-shui practices etc.


ZWDS and Qi-Men-Dun-Jia

For example:



ZWDS and Traditional Chinese Medicine

For example:



ZWDS and Mathematics

For example:

(14 Main Starts + Zuo-You-Chang-Qu + 4 Si-Hua) / 7 (Star Cycle Rate) = 22/7 = 3.142 () —- which is the “Number of Ti for He-Tu”(河图的体数).


ZWDS and Buddhism

For example:


ZWDS and “Three-Yi(三易)

It’s the ZWDS study from “Lian-Shan(连山)”, “Gui-Zang(归藏)”and “Zhou-Yi(周易)” point of view.


And one more secret:In the end of the Master Course, ZWDS chart will become 3D instead of 2D.

A few Touching Moments in My Fortune Telling Services

  1. Followed my suggestion, a lady changed her mind and won’t get abortion. She sent me a photo of a healthy and cute boy after 5 years and said “You saved him!”
  2. Through the accurate date/time selection for a new born baby, she won a big award at local art gallery at the age of six —- according to the “Pre-Planned” career path in the Arts before birth.
  3. Successfully stopped a million dollar investment for my client. The result shows that she would lose all the money and lead to bankruptcy if go ahead.
  4. A client said “I don’t have close relationship with my father, and you became my ‘Online Father’ now.”
  5. A depressed patient is prepared to end her life after the treatment failure. I detailed analysis of her chart and clearly pointed out the Month with good fortune. With hope in mind, she found a new ideal job and began a new life in that month.

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aoefengshui ZWDS Advanced Course Materials


Just sent the Part 1 of printing copies of “aoefengshui ZWDS Advanced Course” study materials to all the students today.

Total 221 pages in B5 paper.





We are being informed that there are some websites selling bogus aoefengshui courses. Our legal advisors have been consulted and they already started the due procedures for dealing with all these illegal activities. Please remember that aoefengshui ZWDS courses and services are only available via aoefengshui’s website, this blog and

The rumor about a cheaper version of aoefengshui ADVANCED ZWDS course is simply not true. There is no plan for the EXPRESS version of the ADVANCED ZWDS course for now and in the future. The reason is simple because the ADVANCED Course is 20 weeks long and it’s impossible to learn by just reading the text. You need the personal guidance and the ADVANCED course is one-on-one private course between you and Master Tony.


aoefengshui ZWDS Advanced Course

advanced course

ZWDS Foundation Course (Express)

There are 2 options for aoefengshui ZWDS Foundation Course—Full course and Express course. Full Foundation Course costs USD $1380 and Express Foundation Course costs USD $115.

Full aoefengshui Foundation Course is a 37 days “one-on-one” foundation course.

Express aoefengshui Foundation Course is the Full Foundation Course without the 37 days one-on-one teaching and other goodies. Anyway you will be able to gain access to all course materials (ebook + notes + FAQs) and you also can ask 5 questions (within 30 days) related to the foundation course materials.



Following is from my zwds foundation course:

(1) Gentle and introvert with good imagination. Easy going and attentive.
(2) A good looking star ……
(3) A happy star. Always be optimistic.
(4) Tai-Yin also means Property and Wealth, such as real estate.
(5) Tai-Yin at the Self-Palace likes Metaphysic. Especially when Tai-Yin meets with Wen-Qu ……

For male chart:
(1) Nice and gentle, good manner. Sometimes a bit feminine.
(2) Always share the house work at home.
(3) Good at peach blossom luck, or work at female related environment. And easy to get help from female.

For female chart:
(1) Smart and knowledgeable.
(2) A classic beauty and feminine. Better to keep the hair a little bit long for a better fortune.
(3) Soft and tender outside but impatiently inside.
(4) Emotional ups and downs and always feel suspicious.

For Marriage:
Spouse has the gentle personality with good financial condition, but not straightforward ……

Tai-Yin at Zi-Wu with Tian-Tong
The characters of spouse: Attractive, good looking and easy going. For male chart: Wife is a professional woman at work and also well organized at home. For female chart: prefer an old husband who can support and take good care of self for a happy marriage.

Tai-Yin at Chou-Wei with Tai-Yang
Emotional ups and downs before and after marriage with anxiety. It would affect own business. Also the suspicious character ……

Tai-Yin at Yin-Shen with Tian-Ji
Easy to have the unexpected turn for love/marriage relationships. The spouse is a talented person and might work at the industries of tourism, entertainment, news, logistics or government organization.

Tai-Yin at Mao-You
Ups and downs before the marriage. Need to go through a few failures before can found the right one. Also the signs of some special situations for spouse ……

Tai-Yin at Chen-Xu
Although emotional ups and downs all the time, the marriage still can be survived in the end.

Tai-Yin at Si-Hai
For male chart: Need to pay more attention and take good care of wife and children. For female chart: Better to marry with an old husband, so husband can take good care of the family.

For Disease: Kidney, Bladder, Reproductive system, Stomach pain, Injury or surgery.

For Career: Design, Beauty, Restaurants, Fitness, Construction, Communication, Department Stores, Art, Planning, Accounting, Teachers.