aoefengshui Zi-Wei-Dou-Shu System

ZWDS Courses

“Flying Star Zi-Wei-Dou-Shu” is for fortune telling. You will be a professional fortune teller after the Foundation & Advanced Course.

ZWDS for the Stock Market” will help you to create your own Stock Market Trading System according to the ZWDS Chart.

Zi-Wei-Dou-Shu Stars — aoefengshui ZWDS Master Course” is a big project. It includes:

ZWDS and Life Code

For example:

Zuo-Fu: Samsara;

You-Bi: Transmigration;

Tan-Lang: Destinism;

Ju-Men: Contigencism;

Po-Jun: Creationsim of Fate … etc.


ZWDS Feng-shui

For example the Feng-shui of the Forbidden City and the Imperial Mausoleum from ZWDS point of view. And also the ZWDS Feng-shui practices etc.


ZWDS and Qi-Men-Dun-Jia

For example:



ZWDS and Traditional Chinese Medicine

For example:



ZWDS and Mathematics

For example:

(14 Main Starts + Zuo-You-Chang-Qu + 4 Si-Hua) / 7 (Star Cycle Rate) = 22/7 = 3.142 () —- which is the “Number of Ti for He-Tu”(河图的体数).


ZWDS and Buddhism

For example:


ZWDS and “Three-Yi(三易)

It’s the ZWDS study from “Lian-Shan(连山)”, “Gui-Zang(归藏)”and “Zhou-Yi(周易)” point of view.


And one more secret:In the end of the Master Course, ZWDS chart will become 3D instead of 2D.

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