FAQ for Business Clients

Q: “Do you have some samples in business project forecast?”

A: I do have many cases for business projects. Anyway privacy is one the most important things for a fortuneteller and you would feel the same when you become my client one day.  

Q: “If I tell you my business stories, can you pinpoint or predict it with high accuracy?
As big money involved in here, it is all about the accuracy. I know it’s impossible to reach 100%, I search the Master with highest accuracy.”

A: Here is some additional background info for you to consider.
I graduated from the Management School in one the top 3 universities in China. Also had many years business operation experience as a General Manager for a trading company with 70 employees. Doing the fortunetelling business in full time with some stock market investment activities these days. 

I traveled around 3 months every year for my business clients in fortunetelling in China, Southeast Asia and Australia. For the big business project, I would stay with my client for 2 weeks —- to understand the situation and then to provide my suggestions. 

Anyway no one would make a big business decision just from the advice of a Master. I don’t want to give you the over expectation on the role of a fortuneteller. The advice of a Master is just something —- but not everything for business operations.         

Regarding the accuracy, you might search my related posts and feedback online.

Q: “what I need is ‘the big picture of the wind & all potential information of threat & opportunity & event which will occur in that particular year’. I need this in details.

A: This is one of the main subjects at “aoefengshui ZWDS Advanced Course”.

Q: “Once I had good experienced with the prediction, I will of course make long term partnership with the Master as my CM adviser team. So i want to know the level of detail of the analysis and how detail? Other people sample is fine.

A: Again for the privacy, I can’t give you the sample straight away. Anyway here is an interesting experience: I was part of a professional blackjack card counting team and my role was to find the best time (including the month/day/hours) for our team members to play. We got the great results and a few Casinos kicked the team members out permanently. What I try to say: A Master can provide the best time for the team member to play, but team member also need to know how to count the card with good money management and good emotional control skills for this business.  

Q: “Speak the truth I don’t mind with the fees of the service because it can’t be compared with the loss of money.”

A: I do understand this and take your time to make this big decision —- to find the right Master for your business. 

Q: “What about the confidential of the client? In whatever situation, the story, the Bazi cannot be discussed in any kind of source (book or web)”.

A: The privacy issue in here again and that’s the most important thing for a Master. 

Q: “Do you mind if I bring other Masters forecast and then ask your opinion or your viewpoint.

A: Since I started my fortunetelling business, I provided every reading report with the ZWDS reasons behind. I don’t mind showing my reading reports to the other Masters — if my clients want to. And I also can look at the other ZWDS reports and make my own comments for my clients. 

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