Chart Balance — the advanced ZWDS chart reading skill

For detailed ZWDS chart reading, it’s all about the chart balance. We can’t predict one people or one thing just from one palace. Need to look at all other palaces and all Life/Decade/Flying Si-Hua… for chart balance.

For example, regarding “Hua-Quan & Self Hua-Quan” in Children Palace,we can’t just say you would lose your children. We need to know your Chart Si-Hua combination first (the combination of Lu-Ji or Ke-Ji or Quan-Ji), then we also need to know the location of Life Hua-Ke — because “Hua-Quan + Self Hua = Quan Out”, and “Quan Out” will bring the Palace of Life Hua-Ke out, and it’s also possible to bring the Palace of Self Hua-Quan out …… etc. Along with the background information of this people, our prediction will be more accurately.

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