How to read ZWDS chart for Twins ?

How to read ZWDS chart for Twins

I just use the same ZWDS chart for the twins, the triplets and all the people with same Bazi. These people do have the similar personalities and characters, and what makes the different fortune is the environment, the opportunities and the choices they made etc. We need to know their circumstances before reading.

For example, if ZWDS chart shows that two people with same Bazi would make lots of money this year. Then we need to find out what they are doing and where they are doing. For the person who doing the real estate investment in US, I will say that it’s possible for him to make several millions or more. And I will predict that the person who owns a corner shop in a poor country would make ten thousand dollars this year.

Another example, ZWDS Children Palace means children, business cooperation or peach blossom luck. Three people with same Bazi might go three different ways from same Children Palace. So we need to find out their circumstances first.

One more example,Tai-Yang Hua Ji at the Health Palace means brain disease or eyes disease. For the people with same Bazi, we need to ask each of them what kind of problem they had first —– before the treatment.

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