ZWDS —- Buying/Selling Property

ZWDS —- Buying Selling Property

Regarding the signs of buying/selling house from ZWDS chart: 1. The Property Palace is “Ti” (“体” in Chinese), and the Siblings/Health Palace  is “Yong”  (“用” in Chinese). 2. Siblings is the Wealth position of Property, means Buying. 3. Health is the Career position of Property, means Selling. 4. If “Ti” has any Self-Hua(自化), then we can work out which year/month will buy or sell. The Self-Hua A(Lu), B(Quan), C(Ke), D(Ji) in here represented if the operation for buying/selling is smooth or not. ( A and C means smooth processing and happy result, B means a bit argument, and D means not smooth for the processing and not happy for the results – although still can buy or sell in the end.) 5. If “Ti” doesn’t have any Self-Hua, then we need to see “Yong” for the signs of buying/selling.

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