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Learn ZWDS Foundation and Advanced Course at home during Coronavirus Closure

Coronavirus may keep you at home for several months. If you are interested in Zi-Wei-Dou-Shu, now is the opportunity to study. After a few months, you may be able to work full-time or part-time in the numerology consulting industry and get benefits for life.





Three plates (Sancai) for ZWDS palace

Three plates (Sancai)(in Chinese: 三才)for zwds palace

For example: Life Spouse (which is Heaven), Decade Silbing (which is Earth), and Year (the age of 24) (which is Man) — all in one location of Hai with Self Si-Hua. Meaning: at the age of 24, I will related with marriage (“Heaven – Man” in one), and my brother/sister will introduce the partner to me (Earth is the “media”).