ZWDS v I Ching (The Book of Change)

ZWDS  v  I Ching (The Book of Change)


From I Ching:“In the system of the Yi, there is the Grand Terminus (Taiji), which produced the two elementary Forms (Yin-Yang). Those two Forms produced the Four emblematic Symbols (Si-Xiang), which again produced the eight Trigrams (Bagua).”


I CHING: Taiji(太极)

ZWDS: ZWDS Chart is also a Taiji

zwds empty chart2


I Ching: Yin-Yang give rise to each other as interrelate to one another.(阴阳消长)

ZWDS: Self-Hua(自化)means Change — from nothing to something or from something to nothing.


I Ching: Si-Xiang(四象)

ZWDS: Si-Hua(四化)


I Ching Bagua (八卦) at ZWDS Chart

 images zwbaigua


I Ching: Gua-Qi Theory(卦气论)– “Six Place of Hexagram”(周流六虚)

ZWDS:6-Internal & 6-External(六内宫与六外宫), 6-Yin & 6-Yang(六阴宫与六阳宫)



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